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Okay with Okay

| written by Pam Zuber


At first this word might sound wishy-washy or nondescript. But the more I think about it, okay might be a decent word—and a decent goal—for this year.


Okay is a word of acceptance. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It doesn’t try to rub your nose in it. In this age of airbrushed Pinterest and Instagram perfection and happy, happy Facebook postings that make you want to barf, okay means accepting the real, not striving for the unreal.

Okay means not conforming to expectations. So many of us feel we have to do certain things, say certain things, and be certain things. Okay lets us know that we can be who we’re truly meant to be.

Okay isn’t settling; it’s expanding your world. People might ask you things. If you answer with “Okay,” you’re exploring new possibilities and considering the perspectives of others.

Okay is positive. We’re bombarded with so much negativity today. Sometimes it seems like everyone’s a critic and ready to post their reviews of everything online. Using the word okay is a way to shine a small light within this darkness.

Using the word okay isn’t being noncommittal or admitting defeat. It’s accepting yourself while still being open to the possibilities of growth. Okay provides the best of both words.

I’m okay with that.

Are you?

[Photo Credit: Sergey Dukachev & Alex Zelenin]

Pam Zuber discusses health, substance abuse, and healing for various sites, blogs, and podcasts. She’s more than okay with a lot of words.

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