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Being Present

| written by Connor Hayes | 2 comments

Each and every one of us deal with anxiety to a certain extent. Thoughts of the mistakes we have made in the past, alongside the sometimes confusing path we have ahead of ourselves, can stick in our head. With our brains so cluttered, it is often a struggle for us to simply enjoy the lives we live in the present time. What has happened in the past can’t be reversed, and it’s not worth spending time stressing over the future. Knowing this, the word I would like to focus on this year is the present. Here are some ways to get more enjoyment out of the life we are living today.

Stay Busy

Boredom goes hand-in-hand with anxiety. When you are alone with your own thoughts, the mind tends to drifts and overthink, creating anxious thought patterns. You may think of your troubling past, or possibly that calculus exam you have to take.

Instead of doing nothing, it can be helpful to find a productive hobby that will keep your brain focused on the task at hand. Something as simple as learning an instrument, doing arts and crafts, or even reading can help you live life in the present. As an added bonus, this time will help you improve a skill or get work done.

Get Active

Finding an activity that is both mentally and physically challenging can do wonders for helping you stay focused. Playing a sport, for example, will help you find a state of flow where all your actions are concentrated on the game itself. There is no time for your brain to be consumed with outside troubles or dwell on the past while your mind and body are both fully occupied.

Make Lists

When responsibilities add up, it can be overwhelming to focus on everything you have to get done. It may help you to write down what you need to accomplish in a list format. With all of your challenges written down on a piece of paper, it could be easier to look at things on problem at a time. Staying organized can help you stay more calm about the busy future ahead.


Although this step may seem overly obvious, something as simple as taking a few deep breaths can make a huge difference. Breathing properly can help you calm down and make it easier to connect with the present. Whenever anxiety sets in, have some breathing exercises on hand to help you out.

* * *

It may be easy for you to recognize that you are better off living in the present, yet it can be so difficult to put past mistakes behind you and stop stressing about what is to come. Are you willing to take some of these measures and finally enjoy the present for what it is?

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Connor Hayes is a freelance writer interested in sports, fitness, addiction, and recovery. In his free time, Connor enjoys watching sports, cooking, and reading.

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