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You’ll Know It’s Your Word

| written by PLThompson | 0 comments

I don’t even know where to begin with the ending of 2020 – there was so much I had hoped to accomplish and/or experience, especially given the explosive ending of 2019! But it is what it is, and we move on.

So, for those “new to One Word 365″, every year I choose ONE word to focus on versus any resolutions. We all know what happens to those resolutions and within a couple of weeks we’ve given up. The idea of One Word 365 is to choose and focus on that single word every day; to live with purpose and intention of it.

I usually don’t even start thinking of my word for the upcoming year until a few weeks before. I don’t want to force or overthink the word as I want it to really resonate within my soul. Sometimes, I seriously question the word (case in point when I reveal 2021…ugh) and listen and watch for confirmations up to the point that I know that I know it is the one.

This year was no exception. As it began to percolate, it wasn’t with “lively activity or excitement”. Quite the opposite…”Seriously?!? THIS? How lame! Are you kidding? Who wants THAT?” As I started looking at the definition and desperately trying to find a synonym that would be “prettier”, it kept coming back as the same ole boring, plain, not-even-old word. Then, I did become more excited because I was being reminded of all my previous words and how my 2021 One Word 365 could be applicable and be incorporated with all of them!

#simplicity2016 – What a blessing as I began to simplify things and buying my Cullyhome in the country!
#steadfast2017 – Remaining on track with my plans, goals and dreams; slow and steady wins the race!
#believe2018 – This was so much more about others than me; just believing for the desires of one’s heart and having passion and positivity!
#fire2019 – Oh my, what a year this was!
#stillness2020 – Nothing like a pandemic to shut things down and be still!

Merriam-Webster defines my 2021 word as: to start (something) anew: to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version.

As I enter the New Year, I want to start anew, refresh, and create new updated versions of my plans, goals and dreams, including and incorporating the words from previous years…so, let’s #REBOOT2021!

Blessings, health, safety and Happy New Year to you all! And the gorgeous sunset was just a reminder that each day, we are given the opportunity for a #reboot!

Paula Thompson has found her heart, laughter, life, passion, positivity, spark, and true love in Middle Tennessee. She is the mom of 4 grown children and the Granna to 3 grands. She is passionate about her volunteer activities and enjoys the outdoors, reading, and traveling.