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{A Giveaway} One Word 365: Scrabble Style

| written by Cathy Baker | 41 comments

Last year, I had so much fun connecting with everyone in this One Word 365 Scrabble giveaway, I wanted to do it again!


I love how One Word 365 brings people together. I love how a simple post on my FB page asking if anyone was choosing One Word for 2015 brought 24 responses! I love a text from my sis saying she was choosing One Word for the first time this year! Her word: BEGIN! Another friend participating for the first time with the word SURRENDER.

So much hope, so many desires, and huge ambitions here at the beginning of the year! I love how the beginning of a new year gives us an opportunity like this to reflect and to change direction.


 But I want to challenge you – how can you stay motivated throughout the year? How can you encourage others on their journey to see their word through to the end of the year?

Here are some of my ideas…

I’d love to create a unique piece for your OneWord, for you to display throughout the year. Inspiration for living this One Word in 2015. And when the year comes to an end, it’s a sweet reminder for you to hold onto and remember the journey. Save 10% through the end of January 2015 with code: OneWord365 at CelebratingTheMoment.


I’m also giving you the opportunity to win one of these. 

I’ll mail it to you, free of charge. Just leave a comment on which of the above ideas you liked best, or better yet – if you have your own idea, on how you will stay motivated for your One Word in 2015 — and you could be the winner of your very own upcycled scrabble word. (Giveaway ends Friday, 1/16/15 at 12:00 pm EST.)

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Cathy Baker opened her Etsy shop, CelebratingTheMoment, just over two years ago. For something that happened 'on a whim', she's loved making it a successful business!  You can find her blogging about her two sweet middle-schoolers, her 'CSI guy' and her adventures in the Missouri Ozarks at Moments on the Journey. She also contributes articles to The Good Stuff Guide, a fun site for encouraging moms.


Terrell Prested: I love the idea of looking up the definition of Diligence and writing it down. I actually plan on doing a word study on it to see what the Bible says about it. Then I want to make up verse cards and put them up on my closet door where I'll see them every day. I also have quarterly updates scheduled on my blog to talk about what I've done to put my One Word into practice. I also love the idea of getting a One Word Necklace. That is such great idea. I'll have to look into that. I am trying to be more intentional about my One Word this year. In past years I would choose a word but wouldn't put much effort into letting it shape my life. Not this year. This year I will be more Diligent. Reply

    Cathy: LOVE your ideas to be more DILIGENT this year!! Great idea to do a word study in the bible! Hope you discover some great insights. :) Reply

Kelli Belt: I love the pinterest idea . I hadn't considered that ! This year my word is Brave ! Reply

    Cathy: Can't help but sing Sara Bareilles song "Brave" when I hear the word brave! :) I hope your braveness opens new doors for you this year! Reply

Amanda Sims: I love these ideas! (I have a necklace - LOVE it!) Our family paints wooden signs of our words and displays them in our home throughout the year. It's a great way for each of us to be reminded of our own words, and to encourage each other as well. Reply

    Cathy: I love that your whole family chooses One Word! That's a great idea! And then signs to keep each other encouraged...brilliant! Reply

Tammie: i plan on reflecting on my word in blog posts throughout the year, but I like the idea of looking through Etsy to find a wearable reminder. I've also started a Spotify playlist that includes songs that include or remind me of my word. Reply

    Cathy: Love, Love, LOVE the idea of a spotify playlist!! That is great! My word is discover, if you think of any songs that go with my theme, let me know! I'd love to have some new songs to encourage me this year! :) Reply

Eithne on the Moon: I honestly like the scrabble idea, maybe next to my pc, where I work, so I can see it. At the moment I wrote it on a piece of paper which is over my pc, beause it's clearly the place I look at during the day! Next is my bookmark for my daily journal, which is something I open often enough to see it. I'll probably print a few bookmarks during the year just to change it...because my word is VIBRANT, can't have it static, don't you think? Reply

    Cathy: Yes, you definitely need some VIBRANT bookmarks for the year! What a fun word...I hope your year is filled with many vibrant moments! :) Reply

Mary: I think I might do the Pinterest board...or maybe a necklace! (My word is "enough" so I think that necklace might be fun to explain to people!) Reply

    Cathy: Yes, an ENOUGH necklace would make a great conversation piece! :) And it helps hold you accountable to living your word when others are asking you about it (as I discovered with my own necklace this past year!) Reply

Kim: I love your ideas, Cathy, and I love the scrabble works, too! This is my first official One Word year. My One Word is PEACE. I had a lot of fun discerning what the word would be and was down to two words. I used visualthesaurus.com in my process and really liked this tool It spider webs similar words, and expands to show the definitions. I think that journaling and incorporating some of these words into my OneWord will be fun to do, as well. Another idea is to draw your word, in the vein of Praying in Color by Sybil Macbeth. If we can let our minds go and let the pen roll across the paper, we might find some ideas and insights in our journeys. I am also hoping to stay connected to the blog entries, especially of others with my OneWord. Thanks again, and blessings to you... ~ Kim Reply

    Cathy: Two great ideas! I haven't heard visualthesaurus.com before! I will definitely have to check that out! And I love the idea of drawing your word, ,just letting your mind go -- I will definitely need to pause and do this. I love the creative reflection of this idea! Thanks for sharing! Reply

Ginny: I love the idea of making your word your cover photo on FB! My word this year is True. Reply

    Cathy: May this coming year bring you many amazing moments as you focus on your word "TRUE"! Reply

Tanice: Cathy, thank you so much!!! A Today was a bit trying, so it was great coming home to my tiles spelling out my One Word 365! My word is BELIEVE and I believe things are getting better!!! I'll be in touch soon to order more!! Reply

    Tanice Wilson-Slaughter: My next purchase will be for the word FAITH. I will put it on my night stand with FLOURISHING (my 2014 word), which exactly what my faith did!! Reply

    Cathy: Thank you so much for supporting my etsy shop! :) It's comments like yours that makes it all worth it! I'm glad BELIEVE was able to encourage you today! I love that FLOURISHING is what your FAITH did this past year! Beautiful. Thanks again for sharing. Reply

Jackie: I love all your ideas! This is my first year participating and my word is ABIDE. I have been paying extra attention every time I hear someone else use "my" word or when I read it. Thanks for the enjoyment! Reply

    Cathy: Oh, I love how you're slowing down and pausing to notice when you hear your word ABIDE. I love how you are ABIDING in the moment when you do so! I hope your word brings great insights to you this coming year! Reply

Rachelle: My word is "ACTIVE" and I say it 50 times before I fall asleep and 50 times when I wake up. Thank you for this one word journey! Reply

    cathy: I like the idea of thinking on your word first thing in the morning and reflecting on it before you go to bed. I hope your word ACTIVE changes your life this year! Reply

Jessica Michell: I like the one of writing it on the fridge or mirror to constantly remind you of what your word is. I am a mother of three and a constant reminder really helps. Thank you for this. It is so easy to get negative and to remain in that mood. Reply

    Cathy: Awe yes, we mothers need encouragement too! One time when I was going through a rough time, I wrote on my refrig - NO YELLING TODAY! It did help to see it there for a few days! :) I imagine you are leaving a beautiful legacy as your children watch you seek to live out your one word in 2015! Reply

Angela Scott: My word is REST Reply

    Cathy: Rest. Yes, in this busy, fast paced world, what a reminder we all need! I hope in your rest you find renewa and perspectivel in 2015! Reply

Angela Scott: I love the idea of writing on the mirror with an expo marker. I've done this before but it's been a while and it's a great reminder when our days are full and we lose our focus. Reply

    Cathy: Yes, sometimes it is the simplest things that can help us keep perspective, isn't it? It's been awhile since I wrote on my mirrors too, but I think today is a great day to start! Reply

Ayla: Beautiful idea. My one word is restore. It's a follow up from last year's word which was no. I'm a childhood sexual abuse survivor & much of my one word journey over the last four years has been God healing me & making beauty out of those horrific ashes. This year God is promising to restore all the years that the locusts have stolen. I live the ideas you posted especially putting it on the bathroom mirror. I may even draw it on my balcony sliding door so the sun can shine through on it symbolizing the Son's promise to penetrate any darkness in my life. Thank you for using your gift to ge a blessing to somebody else. Love in Christ, Reply

    Cathy: Oh I love that visual reminder of your word on your door with sun shinning through. Yes, He does break through the darkness! I had a long journey of healing too, but every step I took was worth it, no matter how small or how big. It's great when RESTORATION happens and you can live with joy! My word picture was my heart being broken into a million pieces, and then, through the years, He molded a new mosaic heart, never the same, but even more beautiful than before! I hope you will experience a year of restoration too! Reply

stacie spencer: Love your site! Just shared it on a post I did about my word for the year. I can create custom silver charms with anyone's word for the year if they are looking for something like that. Here's my link to the post: http://staciejewelry.net/stacie-jewelry-20120713000734/2015/1/15/word-for-the-yearflourish.html Reply

    Cathy: Love your charms! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link! Reply

Judy: My word is actually a twofer... [B]reath[E] Like many, I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of doing and I forget to just BE. When I take a moment to pause and focus on the moment through conscious breathing, I do just that. I love how the word BE can be found in BreathE. Reply

    Cathy: I love the double meaning of your word! Very creative! I'm mailing my friend "breathe" this week! It's a great focus word! I hope it transforms you in 2015! Reply

Darlene Gowdy: I have made 9 bracelets with each of the various Fruit of the Spirit. Silly how I did not think to put my 2015 word on a bracelet, until you mentioned it here in your blog. I can't wait to put my word "ABIDE" on a bracelet! :D Reply

    Cathy: How fun that "abide" goes with the fruits of the spirit. When you ABIDE, the fruits can grow! :) I love bracelets. I bet it's a great reminder to see your words on your wrist! I hope 2015 is a fruitful year as you focus on ABIDE! :) Reply

Katie Terpstra: My friends and I are planning to meet for coffee once a month to keep up on our words and we're planning to do a little word art at our next get together. Love this practice! Reply

    Cathy: Katie - I wonder if you'll win again this year?! How as EXHALE-ing in 2014? I love that you have friends that you are meeting up with to keep your focus in 2015! :) Reply

Phoebe Wulliman Graber: I just created a screensaver with a quote that includes my OneWord...ENOUGH. Reply

    Cathy: I wish you MORE in 2015 as you focus on ENOUGH! Reply

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