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{A Giveaway} Scrabble Inspiration for Every Single Day

| written by Cathy Baker | 123 comments
So you’ve chosen your word. Your OneWord for 365 days. A word to inspire you and transform you. A word to grow you and guide you in your days ahead.  
You, who are both brave and beautiful, I admire your desire to grab hold of all that your life can be.  
But let’s fast forward a few weeks from today.  When the excitement begins to wear off. When living out your OneWord meets a challenge.  When the routines of life cause you to ‘forget’ your OneWord. 
But I don’t want that for you. I want all the power your OneWord holds to inspire you every single day of this coming year. 
So, what if, when you awake, you were to see your OneWord sitting there beside your alarm clock? 
Maybe you would go to turn on the TV, and there next to the remote, your OneWord sat, reminding you of desires for that day, this year? 
What if after a stressful phone call at work, there sat your OneWord, giving you perspective? 
Perhaps after cleaning up the kitchen, your OneWord served as an opportunity for reflection of your day? 
Because I know the power words hold, I love upcycling scrabble tiles in my little etsy shop and creating decor which can encourage others on this life’s journey! 
I’d love to create a unique piece for your OneWord, for you to display throughout the year. Inspiration for every single day of the 365 you’re living this OneWord. And when the year comes to an end, it’s a special souvenir for you to hold on to. 
I’m also giving you the opportunity to win one of these. I’ll mail it to you, free of charge. Just leave a comment on where you’d like to display your OneWord, and you could be the winner of your very own upcycled scrabble word. (Giveaway ends 1/15 at 5:00 PM Central.)
Cathy Baker opened her Etsy shop, CelebratingTheMoment, just over two years ago. For something that happened 'on a whim', she's loved making it a successful business!  You can find her blogging about her two sweet middle-schoolers, her 'CSI guy' and her adventures in the Missouri Ozarks at Moments on the Journey. She also contributes articles to The Good Stuff Guide, a fun site for encouraging moms.