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Lend Me Your Ears!

| written by Alece Ronzino | 11 comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of podcasts. Sometimes I wish I had a work commute so I could have more active listening time… but that thought only lasts for about half a second. Instead, I listen while I’m cooking or cleaning or getting ready in the morning. I even listen when I go to bed, each night picking up where I fell asleep the night before… There are just so many great podcasts out there!

One of my recent favorites is called Rising Stories, hosted by a friend of mine. In each episode Corine Sandifer interviews a business owner, entrepreneur, or author. What I love about it is her interview style. It’s really personable and conversational, as if you’re simply listening in on their conversation in a coffee shop.

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Rising Stories podcast. Our casual conversation touches on the history of One Word 365, what I do for a living, my favorite business apps, and how I stay organized (or attempt to anyway!), with a slight detour about whiskey sours… If you’d like to hear my best business advice, my favorite restaurant in Nashville, or a new tool that could help you with your Airbnb rental — or would simply enjoy getting to know me a bit more — give a listen to my interview.

Mac/iPhone users can subscribe to the podcast and listen here »  {Or just search for Rising Stories wherever you typically listen to podcasts.}

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{I’m also guest posting over on Corine’s blog about why we need to stop should-ing on ourselves.
Link over to read it.}

After pioneering a nonprofit in South Africa for 13 years, Alece Ronzino now lives in Nashville, TN. She’s a vacation rental management firm owner, freelance copywriter/editor, and the founder of One Word 365. More importantly, she dances in the car, talks with her hands, and makes a mean guacamole. Follow Alece on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her blog, Grit and Glory.