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Nestor Enrique Luna Berdejo Arequipa, Peru #Ataraxia
10367724_10152081360565814_5557631522007991041_n Miha Bucharest, Romania #HOPE
Emily Bothell, WA #pensive
10538078_10152339434913005_2932807023297227904_n Diana De LaTorre Norwalk, CA #release
TearLily Small, yet big world, FL #Complete
Isa Quezon City, Philippines #FORWARD
988324_10151754661301623_1045374196_n Carol Linden Brasília, Brazil #Hapiness
Darcelle Ferguson Columbus, OH #Balance
545259_732656440094249_363812513_n Jakub Horáček Šumperk, Czech Republic #insane
La Wilbraham, MA #TRY
Diana Rockwell Ramona, United States #THRIVE
profile pic Love HAPPY Notes sunshine coast, Australia #inspire
Kris West Palm Beach, FL #release
Tara Greensboro, NC #Habits
slide_331219_3272346_free Maureen Columbia, MD #pleasant
Carryl Westminster, CO #Healing
10155504_729431193746256_5333227750048267236_n Regina Saffo Clinton Twp, MI #Thankful
1403598523173 Jai Chelsea, AL ##others
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If you blog, take time to write about your word—you can add your blog post to your online profile when you join. (You can do the same thing with a Facebook status too.) But if you don’t want to write about it, that’s okay. Still join. And then tell someone—a family member or friend—what your word is and why you chose it. There is so much power in saying our words out loud. 

One Word 365 is more than a new way to approach resolutions. It’s a global tribe committed to journeying together and living intentionally. Connect with others who have chosen the same word or live in your area. Together, you can inspire and challenge each other to live purposefully all year long.


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We are grateful for our incredible partners who rally their communities to join the One Word 365 tribe. Together, we are committed to living lives of intention, purpose, and grace.

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