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Words Matter :: Giveaway!

| written by Alece Ronzino | 238 comments

Every year, I seek out new and creative ways to remind myself of my One Word 365. I know myself all too well… My fuzzy brain would easily lose sight of my word if I’m not intentional about it. So I find prompting reminders to place around my home and office (as well as my neck), and it helps me stay on track.

I figure I’m not the only one who needs reminding…

Which is why I love offering this blog space to anyone who handcrafts items that can serve as a beautiful nudge for us on our One Word 365 journeys. (So if that’s you and you’re interested in sharing on the blog, find out more here.)

Our friends at (in)courage recently launched their Words Matter Letterpress Block line… and these are perfect for our One Words!


The letters are handcrafted and ethically-sourced in India…

They come in three different styles and sizes…

And they are so fun, whimsical, and striking!

PicMonkey Collage

Their drag and drop site makes it easy to play around with the letters to uniquely customize your word just the way you want it.

I created my word wholehearted and hung it in my office, to serve as a daily reminder to show up fully.


I’m thrilled that (in)courage has joined forces with us to offer One Word 365-ers the opportunity to win a $50 credit to customize their word in Letterpress Blocks! 

Let us know in the comments what your word is, and then enter below for your chance to win!

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After pioneering a nonprofit in South Africa for 13 years, Alece Ronzino now lives in Nashville, TN. She’s a nonprofit communications strategist, freelance copywriter/editor, and the founder of One Word 365. More importantly, she dances in the car, talks with her hands, and makes a mean guacamole. She blogs occasionally but candidly about searching for God in the question marks of life and faith. Follow Alece on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her blog, Grit and Glory.


Joanne Viola: My word is "believe". Thanks for the opportunity! Reply

    Kathy: Grow! I want to be intentional this year about moving forward, making progress. Reply

Tanice: BELIEVE is also my word for 2015!! Great one Joanne!! Reply

Tammy Perlmutter: My word is POSSIBILITY. I can't wait to see what is possible in 2015. Reply

Rachelle: My work is "ACTION" - looking forward to making progress and finishes! Reply

    Rachelle: Correction - word Reply

Diane: My word is Serendipity. Reply

    Christina: My word for the year is Immanuel -- God with us . A reminder that no matter what trials, anxieties or worries I face, God sees and He is with me. Reply

Judy: my word for 2015 is FOCUS Reply

Erica: My word for 2015 is NEW. Reply

Terri Inouye: My word is bloom - tied with Isaiah 35. Thanks for the chance to win these wood block letters. I really like this product. Reply

Alison: Let it be with me according to your will Reply

Jenifer: Water, its two fold. Drink more water and drink in more Living Water. Reply

Denise: My weird is peace. I think it's because if all the stuff that had happened to my family in the last 6 months it's the one thing I am seeking from God, and let it start with me. Reply

Cathy: My word is discover! Reply

Roberta Idlett: My word for the year is HOPE. I have been struggling with having faith/hope this last year and want to press forward into a closer relationship with God this next year Reply

Mandy Johnson: My word for this year is JOY. Reply

Liz Runge: My word for the year is "stretch" but I think I would choose something a little more timeless like "hope" or "faithful" or our last name. So hard to choose just one! Reply

Mindy: My one word "naches." Naches: (Yiddish) The emotional feeling one gets when he or she brings joy or delight to a father or mother. Hoping to bring The Father much "naches" this year. Reply

Dana: My word is BLESSED! ❤ Reply

Dana: My word is BLESSED! Reply

Suse Fish: My word of the year is, "Jump". I feel God challenging me to take risks and leap with Him holding my hand. Reply

Katrina T.: My word of the year is Happy! I'm by nature very serious so I feel like this year I'm supposed to seek joy and just be HAPPY! Reply

Connie Peterson: My word is: Strength (Living in HIS STRENGTH not my own) Reply

Tiffany Stephens: My word is "write" Reply

Andrea L.: Content - I want to be content with all of my blessings instead of always seeking more. Reply

Jackie: My word is INTENTIONAL! Reply

Leslie M.: My word this year is TRUST. Reply

Channon Bell: My word for 2015 would be faith, my sister has just been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at the age of 40 and is a single mother of 3 teenagers, so I have to keep reminding myself to have faith in God during these difficult times. Reply

Melissa Thomas: God speaks to my heart each October to prepare me for my word. This year, my word is Grace. Although I tussle with Him a bit, He confirmed that this is the word for me through my husband. My husband has never had a word, but in early January, he told me that God had given him a word for 2015. His word? Grace. We are in this together! Reply

Lisa: I can't decide between "grace" or "trust".... Reply

Brooke Wasno: My word would be BLESSED. Though life may be challenging, I know that I am truly blessed. Reply

Pam Gibbs: My focus word is "Blessings". 2014 was a hard year but through it all there were many blessings! Reply

Laura: Brave is my one word for 2015. Thankful for the opportunity. Reply

Dawn Fay: This year is my year of ADVENTURE --to take God's hand as He leads me to explore and stretch this timid self, to go with God to places I've feared. Reply

Korrine Carrera: My "word" this year is actually two words. Thanksgiving & Praise! I believe if we tackle each day with Thanksgiving and praise no matter what comes our way, we will be richly rewarded! Reply

Amy: My word is GENEROUS! http://middleofthemess.com/2015/01/17/the-pain-and-ease-of-generosity/ Reply

Amanda J: My word for this year is Forward, but I love the way Grace looks, and grace has special meaning in our family. God is good! Reply

Brooke Baird: Intentional. Be intentional!! Reply

Carrie: My word for 2015 is TRUST - I want my default setting to be trusting instead of worrying, especially as my husband and I await the arrival of our firstborn. So excited. :) Reply

BarbS: My word would be......Believe.... Believe for more in my life this year.... Blessings, peace, love, faith, finances! Reply

Joeli: My word for 2015 is Excellence. May i serve God whole-heartedly and do His Will with excellence always in mind. Thank you so much! Reply

Lesley Morris: My word for 2015 is forgiven. I love your website and the possibilities of encouraging others with this idea!! Reply

Joyce E. Gortz: This year the focus world for both my husband & me is "Prayer". Prayer makes all things possible as it enables us to have a direct line of communication with our Heavenly Father! Reply

    Joyce E. Gortz: I meant to write "word", not "world", but our world does need much prayer. Reply

Cathy H: LOVE- to walk in love! Reply

Jodi G.: My word for 2015 is "ALL IN" and my life verse is psalm 143: 8-10 Reply

Jenny Lawson: My one word for 2015 is HOPE. Would love to see a reminder hanging on my wall. When I look up I will be reminded of Who is my HOPE. Reply

Bobbie Jo Shockley: My word is engage! Reply

Louise Holwerda: The 2015 word I'm praying for the strength to live is: SURRENDER Reply

Shelby Reeves: My word is Grace. Reply

Brooke Martinez: My word this year is peace. I feel like God is teaching me how to be at peace no matter what circumstances I'm in. Reply

Dallas Bobo: Redeemed, no matter what I do God reminds me I have been redeemed. I may slip, stumble but it never changes who I am in Christ. It makes my bad days disappear and helps me to try even harder the next day. I'm not going to ever be perfect but I was saved by the one and only perfect Savior who redeemed me so graciously! Reply

maria: My word is content. Reply

Joy Barrett: i turned 50!!! So my word is Jubilee for my fiftieth year. Thank you for the opportunity!! Reply

Debbie M: my word is love! Reply

Karen K.: My word for thiis year is "fearless" but I think I would want the word, Blessed. Reply

Sandra Devitt: My word for 2015 is Hope! All the hope I have in this life is in Christ! :) ~Sandra~ Reply

Jeanie Laterra: My word is LOVE because God is LOVE! We love one another unconditionally because that's how He loves us. Reply

Gina Julian: My one word for 2015 is GRACE.... Many blessings Reply

Debbie B: my word for the year is Blessed. Trying to work on not taking anything for granted and being intentional to see Gods blessings, even in the darkness or silence. Reply

brittany west: My word is family. Reply

Terri: My word... Intentional I want my life to have purpose! After years of letting my life slip into the abyss I am ready to live intentionally! Reply

Michelle: My phrase for several years has been abundantly blessed, so my word is blessed... Reply

Sandra H.: My word for this year is: Simplify! Reply

Jana: My word is peace. I am struggling with anxiety and pray everyday for God's peace. This would be a great daily reminder! Reply

Pamela: My word for this year is FREEDOM. Reply

Beth Willis miller: My word is Trusting Reply

Marva: My word is 'worship'. Reply

Sheri clark: my word is steadfast Reply

Nikki Plummer: My word is grace, but for 2015 my word is surrender. I really just want to let go and let GOD! Reply

Vanessa C.: My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11. So the word is Hope! Reply

Diane Carroll: I like Trust, Grace or Grateful ❤️ Reply

Donna Taylor: My word for 2015 is "light." I want to absorb, reflect, shine, and experience light is many ways. Reply

Laura Rath: My One Word for 2015 is Renew Reply

Sandra Chadsey: my word is FAITHFUL Reply

    ChartriceTillman: My word for 2015 is "LOVE". Reply

Dalene Merrel: Hope and Joy are my word Reply

Jenni: My word is intentional Reply

Rachel: ANCHORED... My husband is deployed this year & so my word helps us trust the One who anchors us & gives us hope during life's raging storms! Reply

Nadia: My one word for 2015 is Peaceful. Reply

Tori: My word is Blessed. Reply

Christine Jackson: Thankful- because I want to hang it above the kitchen cabinets and carry on my Mom's tradition- saying what you're thankful for every night at dinner. Reply

Larissa Traquair: My word for this year is FOCUS! Reply

Marcy: Learning is my word for 2015! I feel like I need to pay attention to all the teaching the Lord is pouring in to me. Reply

Tiffany: This is my first year choosing one word. It came to me over the month of December during my daily advent devotion time. My word is JOY! Reply

charlotte: Wow there are just SO many. If I HAVE to choice one I will chose DWELL. in Him I want to dwell and be guided. I LOVE these letter block words. They INSPIRE me. Reply

tracy: My word is Digest. As John and Isaiah did. Take the whole word of God and make it part of everything I say, do and think. Reply

Mary Parker: My word is ENOUGH. Thank you for the opportunity to win this powerful word in these beautiful blocks. ❤️ Reply

Julie: My word for 2015 is GOOD. God is good, do good, wish someone a good day... Reply

Jennifer Figueroa: My word would be Blessed, as I feel blessed to have Jesus as my savior, and a wonderful family who loves Him , also! Reply

Jeannine: I just heard my word today! Freedom!!! :) Reply

Angie Allen: My word for 2015 is Abide. I want to learn to abide in Christ's presence more this year. Reply

Kristin Smith: My word is DEPEND! I believe that God is calling me to seek and put my full dependence in God...not in people and things of this wold! Reply

Mary Bryant: My word is FAITHFUL. Reply

Michelle Hawkins: My word is "TRANSFORMATION" Reply

Jodi Hulst: My word is COURAGE! Reply

Holly: My word for this year is Fearless Reply

Marijo Napier: My word for 2015 is Intentional Reply

Jennifer Adams: my word is fulfillment. God has been showing me that there are two meanings to this word: contentment and completion. God is going to complete his purpose through me regardless of me, but if I want real fulfillment I need to find contentment whether or not I see the completion. Reply

JANET ROWE: My word is Blessed. So I can remember how blessed I am. Even when I am stressed, worried, afraid, or feel like I am at my breaking point. I can always find a blessing that happened in my day. Reply

Donna: Light. My word for 2015 is light. His light to shine through this incredible darkness I'm walking through. And He just keeps shining and showing up. Reply

Jennifer Deibel: My one word is Abide. Reply

Karen: My #oneword for 2015 is FORWARD! Reply

Tammy: The one word challenge has been wonderful! My word for this year is "Joy". Last year, it was "Trust". And? I can say that last year I didn't trust God, but now I do. It was a mysterious, breaking journey, but I also am prepared for an even more challenging year. I will choose joy, consider it joy, regardless of circumstance. My unwavering trust will now serve as a platform to see beyond the momentary and on to eternal impacts! :) Thank you for sponsoring such a generous giveaway! Reply

Christie Lambert: My "word" is actually a phrase-- "Audience of One"--to remind me that everything I do should be done as unto Him. Reply

Laura M: My word for 2015 is SHINE. In every area of my life, I want to be a Lightbearer...and SHINE love and grace and truth. Reply

Amanda: My word for 2015 is GRACE Reply

Susan: My word this year is Break-as in break my heart to make me better able to serve. Reply

Jo McDowell: INTENTIONAL ~ about everything eating healthy, clearing clutter, studying scripture, prayers, exercising,.. making my life INTENTIONAL this year. Reply

Emilee: My word this year is "authentic" I want my Christian walk to be a true representation of a follower of Jesus. Reply

Dawn: MY word is INDEED! Reply

Maria Guerrero: Thrive - His love for me expects nothing less. Reply

Phyllis Alexander: My word this year I'd fearless... Too often fear keeps me from going toward the very thing God will use to nourish and give life to my soul. This is the woman I want to be...fearless BC I trust wholeheartedly in Him Reply

Amanda S.: I would get the word "grateful" if I won. Reply

Carrie: my word is L❤️ve Reply

Carrie P: My word is "persevere". I am learning to persevere through difficult changes. Reply

Eunice Eubanks: I Chose Providence Because I Want To Acknowledge Gods Power And Dominion Over Not Just My Life But All Things!!!! Reply

Kim: My word for the year is intentional. Reply

Carrie: My word this year is "Simplify". Reply

Roz: Growth is my word Reply

Bobbi Campbell: My 2015 word is THRIVE... Thank you! Reply

Laurel Wycoff: My word is Persevere Reply

Emma: Possible.....because with God all things are Possible. Reply

Sally: My word for 2015 is "Finally" :) Reply

Linda Neely: PEACE and/or TRUST - can't finalize my word. I know I will have more peace when I trust God completely without pause, & peace leads to joy in all circumstances. Augh! So many great words! Reply

Vicki: My word for 2015, is, Look. I wanted to remind myself that the evidences of God's goodness and grace were all around me, but sometimes I have to look for them. Reply

Karen Pullin: My word is SECURE...I am secure in the knowledge that he holds me in his hand. Reply

Joey moser: My word is linger... Linger in Gods presence, linger in scripture etc Reply

Angela Low: R - Rest (Rest in e Lord & wait patiently for His Restoration ...) Reply

Jenifer: My word is water, it's two fold for me. Drink more water and drink in the Living Water. Reply

Shannon: Balance! I desperately need to find some and work toward it. Reply

Cindy B.: My Word is "GROW" GROW in my walk with God and as a wife and mom and friend and grow in community and as a servant of God :) Reply

Stephanie Halland: my word is Today Reply

Deena Royalty: My word for this year is "Nevertheless" Reply

Mary: My word is COURAGEOUS! I need to stop living with fear and worry because God says in His word to "be courageous" and "do not fear". Committing to be more courageous in 2015! Reply

Aimee: my word is actually two with one very intentional meaning: Be Still Reply

Jodi Moellman: My word for 2015 is peaceful. Reply

Jenn Bernal: My word this year is intentional. I would love to have these blocks in my home to remind me of my word. :) Reply

Alison G: My word is Believe. (Luke 1:45) Believe that God can do incredible things Believe that God is working even if I can't see or don't understand Believe that He will do what He's promised Reply

Ambia Cooper: My one word for this year is (be) PRESENT! Reply

Jessie: My word for 2015 is ARISE. Reply

Molly: My word for 2015 is intention. I want to grow to be intentional in every area of my life--not just some of them. From marriage to motherhood, from pursuing my passions to the organization of our home and finances, from time with God to time breathing light into the world...I want this to be a year of zero regret, and instead, a year of great peace. Here's to 2015!! Reply

Susan Wood: My word for this year is discipline. Reply

Stacey Hancock: Sanctuary. That within me, is a place the Lord would want to dwell. A place of peace, honor and praise. Reply

Dena G: My word for 2015 is FOCUS. Reply

jessica: I think I would possibly pick from gratitude, blessings, family. its so hard to choose! Maybe even something like patience. Thanks for the opportunity. Reply

Chris Hicks: My word for 2015 is HOPE. There have been many times in this past year that I have needed hope and so for this year I am finding it for myself and giving it to others.. I need the hope only God can give. Is anything too hard for God? No it isn't so I am going to let Him help me find it and give it away. Reply

Sue Howard: Fearless is my One Word for 2015. I realized how many little things I either don't do or procrastinate doing because of fear. Reply

Misty Hempel: My word is "Prayer". 2014 was the most difficult year my marriage of 13 years has gone through. But with PRAYER we have vowed to make 2015 the year of new beginnings. Reply

Pam Miner: My word is Purposeful because I want everything I do to have purpose. Reply

Julie: My word for 2015 is UNTOLD. Reply

Jean: Shine is my word for 2015 ~ thanks Reply

Aimee Farley: My word is "magical." I want to focus more on living in the present and enjoying each moment as they come. Reply

Trish: My word for 2015 is hope. Reply

Nicole Harris: My word is ENOUGH. I am focusing on believing that I'm good enough personally, as a mom and professionally. Reply

Amy LaMasters: My word is authentic... Reply

Sherilee: My word is Presence. Reply

Amy Nelson: My word is BLESSED Reply

Sandy C.: My word for 2015 is REST! Reply

Carly Dunlap: My word is OBEDIENCE Reply

Mary Ann L: My word is "inspired", because I want to be inspired to realize all that is good. I want to focus on the positive this year! Reply

Melissa W: My word for 2015 is Joy. Reply

jami rehm: My word for 2016 is "prayer" Reply

Rebecca Digrugilliers: Renew is my word for 2015. Thank you for all you do. Reply

Lisa: Fearless! I am focusing on casting my fear on Jesus. Reply

MOLLY BRONSON: Simplicity is our one word for 2015 & we're incorporating it into multiple aspects of our lives (budget, clutter, schedule, etc). Reply

Nancy Kourmoulis: Seek is my 2015 word. Isaiah 55:6nis he key verse. Loking forward to seeking all God has in store, Reply

Erin: My word is Chosen. Reply

Danielle Wheeler: My word is "Rooted," going down deep and holding on strong. Love hearing everyone's words! Reply

Wendy James: My 2015 One Word is RELEASE!! Choosing to release my schedule, my time, my cares into God's loving hands!! Another word for Surrender. Reply

Cindy: My one Word is Receive. My goal to learn tor receive from.God and other as love, joy etc. Reply

Stephanie Frakes: My word is open. Reply

Sarah: Last year my word was wholehearted. This year it is prayer. Reply

Elizabeth Jones: My word would be JOYFUL. I'm trying to focus on my blessings in life and at times choosing Joy! Reply

Kristy Lynn: My one word for 2015 is Soar! Reply

Tricia Marble: My word for the year is renew. It means to reestablish to begin again. I have let so many things either fall to the wayside or be forgotten all together. I want to renew myself in God's word and let it wash over me as I reestablish my communication with him. I want to reestablish my habits for a healthy body. There is just so much possibility with this word. Reply

Kristen: My word for the year is JOY! To live joyfully regardless of my circumstances. Reply

Kathy K: My word for this year is "trust".......... Reply

RJ: My 2015 word is BELIEVE! Reply

cheri: I am so very GRATEFUL for the Lord in my life first, then my wonderful friend and husband, Dai. Reply

Heather: My word for 2015 is Renew. A year of authenticity, new beginings and reestablishing who I am in Christ and as an authentic me. Reply

Karol: My word is grateful! Reply

Peg: My word is Forward Reply

Lina: My word is PREPARE as in Prepare Him room & make room & prepare to move. This is a big year & I am a total word person. Love this!! Reply

Erica: My word is Spartan. Reply

Rita Carpenter: My word is Patience. Reply

Holly Barrett: My word is Presence. Reply

Kathy DeFilippo: I would choose the word TODAY. For today is all we have. Reply

Jolene Underwood: Believe - believing GoD is bigger & more than we make him out to be. Reply

sandra destrempes: My word is Hope! Reply

Kiley Middleton: My word is ACCEPTED. I struggle with feelings of inferiority. Like I'm never quite good enough. This year I am striving to live for an audience of One. ...... and that would be my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Blessings to you all! Reply

Maria Davis: Grace...both to give and receive! Reply

Debbie S: my word is Faith Reply

Lyndsey: Shine is my word for the year. Reply

Jackie Chapman: My word is share...share more of myself and my story than ever before. Reply

Suz: My word for 2015 is endeavor, I have Multiple Sclerosis and I will endure this year in spite of my illness. I am trying a new lifestyle, it's a new endeavor! Reply

M, S, and A's Mama: My word for 2015 is faith, as in faith - not fear. Being pregnant again after having two losses in 2014 is scary, but I am trying to cling to the promise that He will never leave me or forsake me. Reply

Annie: My one word is enthralled. God is the great Creator and I want to be reminded and focused this year on constantly being enthralled with God and what He has and is doing in my life and in those around me. Reply

Brandy: Restore is my word for 2015. Joel 2:25 Reply

Bridget K: Deliberate is our family word for 2015. I can't wait to buy this from letterpress blocks! Reply

Trish Richhart: My one word is "Trust" because I trust a God who is bigger than anything I may face (including the leukemia that my son is currently fighting). Reply

laura: My word is victorious! Reply

Caroline: My word is , "Enough." That Jesus is enough and in Him, I am enough, have enough, and always will. Reply

Erin Salmon: My word for 2015 is bloom. I am learning how to bloom where I am planted and live the truest thing I know. I've recently started a new chapter in my life. The last one was quite painful, but I learned how near and faithful God is when we call on Him. I'm excited to see what he calls me to in this new chapter! Reply

Tammy: My word for 2015 is Surrender :) Reply

Kristen Lopez: My word is Joy. Reply

Evelyn Diaz: FOCUS is my word! Thank you for this opportunity! Reply

Nikki Boden: Believe is my word for 2015! Reply

June: My word this year is "embrace" as I have several major life changes coming my way and i want to be able to live these changes with as much grace as possible. Reply

Salena Martin: My word for 2015 is "Gratitude". I've started my first gratitude journal and I see the positive change it has made in my day-to-day life! Reply

Rebecca: Heaven in my word for 2015. Jeremiah 29:11 is my verse. Reply

Robin: My word is thoughtfulness. Reply

Kathy DeFilippo: My word would be JESUS. He is all we need. Reply

Kayla: 2015's word for my family is PIONEER. We will be stepping into many new beginnings! Reply

sheryl: My word is embrace! Reply

Isabel: My word is Restore, I need to renew everyday... My heart needs it .... so yes, I believe I will be restored to a better person, to be more like Christ!! :) Thanks Reply

Natasha: My word is GENTLE. It is reminding me to watch my tone, and not to be so harsh with others. In the process, I am hoping to teach my 3 sons to be more gentle as well. Reply

Traci Sheldon: dare. Choosing risk, adventure and not holding back...choosing to be my truest self Reply

Jaime: My word theme for 2015 is Minimize ... in order to maximize. Heb. 12:1 -- let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Reply

lori: Focus - my word for 2015 and sooooo important to me right now. Reply

Teresa Moore: My word is BOLD. God gave me this word in December and I have already had to be BOLD concerning a situation. I have something major on the horizon and it will take me being BOLD to step out in faith. Reply

Tina Dunlap: my word is Believe! Reply

Richetta Blackmon: My word is Intentional! Reply

Barb Dittrich: My word for 2015 is "Forgive." I've blogged about it at http://www.comfortinthemidstofchaos.com/2015/01/forgive-365.html Reply

Donna Torrado: My word is GRACE. The Lord told me that I needed to learn how to receive Grace not just give it. Reply

Corine Sandifer: My word is Trust. Reply

Joy: My word is brave. Reply

Angela W.: My word is ROOTED! Reply

Meg: actually two words this year: PEACE in my household, BRAVE in my writing :) Reply

Kathy MacAulay: GRACE ...Would love these on my wall! Reply

Susan: My word is Break, in truth it is more of a phrase-Break My Heart, Oh, Lord, Into a Thousand Stars So that I May Shine Light in My Corner of the Sky Reply

Cathy Mathews: My word is "Shalom" Reply

Lindsay: My word for 2015 is Be. I want to use it as a reminder to be mindful and be in the moment. I also hope it will remind me to be myself and that who I am is enough. Reply

RHonda Huber: my word is ROOTED. Reply

Lyndsay wilson: I would like the word Fierce! Reply

Sharon Hearn: My word is "eucharisteo". I learning to give thanks in all! (1-22-2015) Reply

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