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Word Art

| written by Michelle Pendergrass | 9 comments

These words we speak to ourselves, they hold power.

By choosing a word to focus on for the year, we give a gift to ourselves. The gift of discovery. We intentionally seek out that which is important to us and by year’s end, the lessons are monumental and we come out of our cocoon beautiful butterflies of change.

This is my sixth year choosing a word to wrap around myself for the year. Inside of the word I am wrapped and I develop into something more than I imagine at the start of the process. I have lived inside of {simplify} for three years. Then {believe} the year after my mom died. That was the year visual art became a part of me. I didn’t have words to speak my grief so I painted, glued, ripped, and drew my way through Visual Prayer that sustained me. The next year by the {grace} of God, I became an artist showing her work at solo shows. Last year, I was swaddled in the word {restore.} This new year, I am called to {listen.}


Last year, I tried something new. I was couch-bound due to a serious illness and I didn’t have the energy required to sit at my easel for hours upon hours, so I started doing pen and ink word art. I posted some sketches to social media and was blessed with orders beyond imagine.


Another new one! #sketch #watercolor  #scripture

Word Art by Michelle Pendergrass

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If you would like your word, verse, or quote hand drawn or if you would like a print of something I’ve already finished, you can visit my Esty shop or contact me for information.

Michelle Pendergrass is a creative—author, editor, foodie, mixed-media artist, and photographer. She comes by her gypsy soul honestly as her family roots are buried deep in Bohemia. Connect with her online at MichellePendergrass.com, EstyFacebook, and Twitter