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Why Your One Word May Be Useless to You in 2014

| written by Bryan S. Arnold | 16 comments


I know you’ve put in some work figuring out the best word for you in 2014. A lot of soul searching went into figuring out just the right one to pick. 

You probably had three or four picked out. Filtered down to two…then…Ah, yes, that’s the one! That’s your word for 2014! Let’s Rock this Thing! Right?

I know. 

And I didn’t mean to offend you with the whole useless tag about your word in the title. But here’s what that did. It instantly snapped you up to start clinging even more to that word you’re holding so sacred now.

It’s important to you.  

That word means change.  

It means different.

It means hope.

I know.

My sacred word is Share. And I chose it because it’s tough. I chose it because it’s what I needed to claim my destiny.

I never liked to share myself with others. It’s always been hard for me. Being alone has always suited me somehow. I was content, you know?

But I didn’t always want to be alone. I wanted to hang out with the cool kids too.

I wanted to be chosen to sing on the big stage like the cool kids too.

I wanted to build startup businesses like the cool kids…too.

Guess what?

I still want those things. Shocker right?

So I need this one word in my life. 


I have to learn to share my story.

Share my awkwardness.

Share my fears.

Share my hopes.

Share my dreams.

Share my mistakes.

Share my bad photos and videos. 

Share me.

This word has to mean something to me for real. I have to bring life to this word in order for it to truly make an impact in me. I have to share who I am in every aspect of my life. 

I’m talking online, offline. You name it!

I have to live it. Every day. 3-6-5.

So everyday I’m putting this word to the task and reaching out to someone.

And I’m encouraging you to do likewise with your word. Whatever word you’re holding close to you…

Bring Life to It!

Don’t let it be just a thing. You know…something cool you’re doing on that 3-6-5 site and blah, blah, blah…you’re back on Facebook.

NO…stop that!

You don’t have time for that. You have this sacred word to protect. Your un-useless word to make good on this year.

You have less than 10 months left. Regardless of what’s happened in these past two months…you have today. You have each day, of the rest of this year, to make your word count for something.

And I don’t know if you’re receiving this post well. I probably sound a bit too intense right now or just absolutely crazy. 

But believe me, I’m not.

I just believe that your commitment means everything right now.  And it starts with Your Word. 

Did you catch that?

Back in the day, when you gave somebody your word…

It was preceded by officially saying that, what happened prior, would NEVER happen again. It was an expression of deep trust.

If you broke your word, the consequences were enormous. You’d be shunned! Like, it would be a very bad scene. 

So when you came out this year with your word…

Did you really have a plan for it? 

Did you believe in it wholeheartedly?

Did you know where it was going to take you?

Did you actually see the results playing out?

This is what I mean by bringing life to your word or else your word would be just that. 

A word…

Not sacred. Not special. Not useful. Useless.

That’s terribly harsh to say. 

I know.

And I would never want this for your word. Ever.

Now if you’re having second thoughts about the word you chose, unfortunately, you can’t take it back.

Because you know what happens when you go back on your word right?

Yeah…the shun thing again. Not cool.

So if your sacred word, your tough word is fading fast, now’s the time to revive it. Bring life to it and never, ever let it be useless.  

Have you brought life to your word so far this year?

If so, please share what you’ve done to make that happen.
If not, share what’s held you back and how you plan revive your word for the rest of 2014.

{Photo Credit: mr Tiera via Compfight cc}

Bryan S. Arnold is an author, copywriter, and blogger helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you. Read more from him at Unshelled.me and say hi on Twitter.