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Using a calendar to keep your word present

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Our words are meant to guide us, help us make decisions, set priorities and improve our lives. Yet often when we most need the guidance of our word, we fail to take advantage of its power. When life gets busy it can be hard to keep our word present and in focus every day.

It becomes easier to do so when we find ways to connect our word with things that we already do or use every day. Like a planner. What better way to keep your word front and center throughout the year than a calendar? We can plan, schedule and review our word easily if we tie it in with our everyday planning.

2016 Printable Calendar


7 ways you can use your calendar
to keep your word front and center throughout the year

Here are 7 ideas to effectively integrate your word into your everyday life with the help of a calendar. These ideas are great if you use a paper calendar or planner, but most will also work with a digital version. You could also use a dedicated planner or journal for your word.

1. Make a list of actions you can do daily, weekly or monthly that focus on your word and help you integrate it into your life. Then schedule them into your calendar.
2. Collect quotes and sayings about your word and write them down in the daily or weekly section of your planner.
3. Create a simple bookmark with your word. Take a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper and write your word onto it with a sharpie. Punch a hole at the top and attach a ribbon. Use the bookmark in your planner to mark the current day.
4. Write, doodle, draw or paint your word on your daily or weekly pages, or assign a fixed spot to write it down in your monthly overview.
5. Keep a record of things that happened relating to your word. Did it teach you something? Did it surprise you? Write it down!
6. Take a look at your to-do list: can you use your word as a guide to tackle your tasks? If you for example chose “Simplify” and you have 35 items on today’s list, you know what to do… :)
7. Cross off or circle the dates in the calendar to indicate that your word has been present that day. A year-at-a-glance calendar can serve as a tracker for the whole year.


One Word Printable Calendars


NinkaStudio printable calendars

Now you can get your word as a year-at-a-glance calendar at NinkaStudio! It’s a fun and easy way to remind you of your word 24/7/365 :)

What you get:

1. 2016 Year-at-a-glance calendar (choose between US Letter with Sunday start or A4 with Monday start)

2. 8″x10″ printable theme (JPG or PDF) without calendar

Head over to www.NinkaStudio.com and check out the calendars! We have quite a collection of words already, but if you can’t find yours you can request it and we’ll add it asap! Also we have a discount code for you until January 31st – enter ONEWORD30 at checkout and you’ll get 30% off your purchase!

Now over to you – have you used a calendar or planner to keep your word present? If so, how?

Ninka is the chief designer & photographer at NinkaStudio.com, creating calendars and artwork to help people stay inspired every day.