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The Umbrella Effect

| written by Tracee Persiko | 17 comments

Tackling our One Words for the year can seem overwhelming. Last week I talked about some steps and questions you can ask yourself to help jump-start your process.

All words pack a big punch and carry much weight. Looking at the word by itself can seem like taking on a major task. I want to encourage you to take the process in stride and don’t psych yourself out.

Our words can be applied to every area of life. The hope of our words is that they are life-changing. I want to help and encourage you to break your word down into categories.

I am a visual person. I need to see my word on paper. I am also a person who needs structure. I have spent this week breaking down my word into some helpful categories. I call this the umbrella effect.

For example my One Word is healing. I have placed healing at the top of my umbrella. Each section of the umbrella is a different category for me to think and pray through the ways healing impacts those places. My umbrella has four categories for Healing: Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, and Relationally.

This year I want to focus my growth on those four places. I still have no idea what healing will look like exactly in those areas, but this gives me a base of structure to help me process.

Today, think about your word and what areas you want to focus this year. There are no right or wrong categories. Play around with your umbrella and let us know what you come up with!

What would your umbrella look like?

Tracee Persiko is a Cross-Cultural Consultant for nonprofits and churches, Life Coach, Speaker, and Co-author of Inciting Incidents. She cares deeply about the hearts and stories of other people. When it comes to life, she lives it differently. Find her on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.


Love: I had already come up with six areas of focus for the year that include my word, which is love: Love the Lord your God (focusing on love for God) God's steadfast love (remembering God loves me) Love your imperfect self (instead of self-criticism) Love your neighbor (the ones you know and ones you don't) Marriage is love personified (focusing on love in my marriage) Love the life you have (being thankful and content) I like the idea of visualizing these as an umbrella! Reply

    traceepersiko: I've always been intrigued about how loving your neighbor as yourself plays out for people. Some people treat others better than the way they feel about themselves. And some people's love directly reflects their self thoughts and perceptions. Looking forward to seeing what this all looks like for you this year! Reply

Amanda: My umbrella would only have two words, because I feel like my word encompasses two main headings, and everything falls under those two. My one word is Focus- and my two subheadings are Faith and Family. :) Reply

    traceepersiko: I definitely need more focus and motivation this year! Reply

Jenni: These are itneresting comments as my word too is FOCUS - Focus embraces: • Centre • Heart – compassion - sympathy - empathy - feeling - sensitivity - kindness - spirit - mind • Focal Point – crucial - important - main • Spotlight – limelight • Centre of Attention I found these especially useful as they cover every aspectt in life including soem I hadnt thought of - that where we influence others and how we should be as examples to others. Thanks ladies for the other thoughts I can add to mine. Reply

    traceepersiko: What a great list!! That's awesome! Can't wait to see how focus impacts and inflows for you this year! Reply

Chandra: Love this visual! I will use this for my word as well! Awesome! Reply

    traceepersiko: Thanks Chandra! Can't wait to see how your umbrella shapes out this year!! Reply

Hellen: I'm a very visual person so I love this visual as well. My word is 'Discipline' ...and the most obvious Umbrella words would be 'Mental' "Emotional" :"Physical" and "Spiritual" but I feel like there is more to it for me this year that I haven't flushed out yet. Reply

    Tracee: Hellen- discipline is no small word! I was thinking I need more of that in my day to day. I probably could use more structure as well. so curious to see how this word takes shape for you! Reply

Melanie @ M&M: I haven't done the umbrella . . . yet! But I did post this picture to help me keep focus -- http://musingsandmeanderings-mlp.blogspot.com/2013/01/purpose-in-new-habit.html It's on the sliding glass door in front of my desk. I see it multiple times a day. Going to do that umbrella thing this weekend! Reply

    Tracee: what a great visual Melanie! loved it! tried to comment, but my computer is being weird! Reply

Sarah: I created my own umbrella image. My word is Carve. Creating the umbrella visually was really helpful for me. Because of the picture of the umbrella I chose, it got me thinking about what was most important, and how things were related to each other. You can see my umbrella on my website. reducationofthefemininesoul.blogspot.com Reply

    Tracee: Sarah - tried to look up your blog link, but it is not working. so glad you are doing the umbrellas! carve is a very unique word as well. gonna have to read your post to see the background on that! Reply

Cindy: I like this thinking! So I wrote out my one word (INTENTIONAL) and underneath (vertically) I wrote out Food-Fitness-Daily time (with God)- and I have left room for more as I reflect... in my time with God includes in the Bible and Journaling my studies so I just left it as Daily time... Thanks and be blessed with a good weekend! Reply

    Tracee: Cindy- intentional is such an intimate word. hoping you find deep goodness in your conversations with God and others this year. Reply

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