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Steps to Start Your One Word!

| written by Tracee Persiko | 3 comments

Choosing a word for your year is no small thing. It requires all of you every day. Choosing a word is meant to be life changing for you. The hope is that in 365 days, you will look back and be able to say, “I am different.”

Maybe you are more like me and choosing a word seems overwhelming or even intimidating. I tend to see the big picture of my word and wonder how I will make a whole year!

Your One Word process is meant to be a walking marathon. Change is not instant nor does it just happen. Change takes commitment to working hard and risking discomfort.

As a counselor, I often tell my clients that the process of healing and dealing with hard issues takes time. The truth is that it often feels like it’s getting worse before it gets better. That also means change is happening. We are habitual people. We don’t tend to like change. The unknown is uncomfortable.

There is a reason they say it takes 30 days to break a habit, and six weeks to for a broken bone to heal. Change takes time.

I want to encourage you that YOUR One Word is totally doable!

So in this walking marathon, here are a couple of first steps to think about as you begin your journey.

Think about why your particular word keeps coming up in your life? Is there  a theme there?

How does the dictionary define your word?

What scriptures can you post somewhere that encourage you regarding your    word?

What is challenging to you right now about your word?

Start conversations with others you know. What are their thoughts about your word?

I also encourage you to look around in our One Word community and start up conversations with people who have also chosen the same word as you. Build community. Keep talking.  We are all in this TOGETHER!


Tracee Persiko is a blogger, Life Coach, speaker, world traveler, and Cross-Cultural Coach residing in Nashville. She cares deeply about the heart and story of other people. When it comes to areas of passion, she loves empowering others to believe differently and live differently. She is also a contributing author for the book Inciting Incidents. Check out her blog.

Tracee Persiko is a Cross-Cultural Consultant for nonprofits and churches, Life Coach, Speaker, and Co-author of Inciting Incidents. She cares deeply about the hearts and stories of other people. When it comes to life, she lives it differently. Find her on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.