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Seven Questions :: Quarterly Review

| written by Amy Young | 3 comments

Quarterly review

It’s time for a OneWord365 Quarterly Review.

I know, right?! Wasn’t it mere days ago we declared our OneWord365 for the year? Brought life to it by linking up here, maybe even connecting with our tribes?

But this is the thing about time, whether you want it to or not, it marches on. One quarter of 2014 is about to be history. One quarter.

I don’t know about you, but gigantic chunks of 2014 have not gone as I expected. Death of my dad, work projects not panning out, still not famous. All of which are true and the way I’ve phrased them, 2014 sounds like a bum year. But is it?

And that is why it’s good to pause, take stock, and see if our lives are actually as they appear. Set aside some time this week for a quarterly review of your OneWord365. Questions you could ask include:

    • Do I still like my word? If not, no worries, you can always change! If brave, fearless, rest, wellness, present, together, perspective, joy, heroic, wait, nourish, or any other word is what you need for your year, change courses. It’s OK.
    • Where do I see evidences of my OneWord365? 
    • In what ways has my word surprised me?
    • How has my OneWord365 served, prepared, or protected me so far this year?
    • In what ways has my word disappointed me?
    • If there are significant disappointments, do I need to explore this area more?
    • Are there ways I need to open myself up more to my OneWord365? 

This is the beautiful part of pausing and building in time to review – we move from being on autopilot to being more present in our own skins, our own lives, our own messy stories.

True, the unexpected death of my father was not what I had envisioned when #trust picked me for the year. But as I look back on only this first quarter, I see how #trust is truly the one for this journey.

I do best with accountability so I host a monthly link-up where we touch base on our one word. A quarterly reflection would be the perfect time to join in! You can get more details on my blog, but overall, it’s pretty simple. Write a post, link up next Tuesday, and visit a few of the fellow OneWord365 travelers.

The link-up will be open from next Tuesday, April 15th to Tuesday, April 22nd. Take some time this week to reflect on the first quarter and write your post. Then come link up on Tuesday. We’d love to hear how you’re doing with your OneWord365! 

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Amy Young is readjusting to the messy middle of life in the US after more than twenty years in China. The distance didn't impede her passion for the Denver Broncos or the Kansas Jayhawks but she is enjoying cheering them during the daylight hours without having to get up freakishly early Monday mornings. When she first moved to China she knew three Chinese words: hello, thank you and watermelon. Often the only words really needed in life. She is known to jump in without all the facts and blogs regularly at messymiddle.com and tweets as @amyinbj and is the most non-crafty pinner Pinterest has ever seen (but she's having fun!).