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Resolutions? Hello #OneWord365

| written by Kashoan Ward | 7 comments

kraftykash oneword365 necklace

What if we let go of the idea of making a New Year’s resolution at the beginning of the year?

Just be over and done with it.

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible at New Year’s resolutions. I find myself trying really hard for the first few weeks. Then forgetting, ignoring, avoiding, & usually giving up. This is way too much pressure for this girl. Are you with me?

What if instead of a resolution in 2015, you come up with a word to represent your year.

One word to focus on and remember throughout the day. A word that will lift you up this year. When you see your word it just makes you feel stronger. A word that makes you feel good inside.

This is my third year choosing a word of the year. I look forward to it every year. You can read about my word for 2015 here.

kraftykash oneword365 oval

My husband, Kiley and I make one word jewelry, that I think you are going to love.

We carefully choose your word and definition to go in your necklace.  I like to wear my word of the year necklace every day. It just helps me to stay focused and always remember my word. We have them on sale through Jan 31st. Find our jewelry website here.

Are you going to choose a word for 2015?
Leave a comment and tell us a little bit about your #OneWord365 for the new year. 

Kashoan Ward is a wife, and a mom to 2 teenagers & 2 dogs. Together with her husband, Kiley, they own KraftyKash Designs, working from their home in Lincoln, Nebraska. They create unique pendants using dictionaries, Bibles, and atlases. Connect with Kashoan on Instagram and Facebook.


Lelia Chealey: Love this! I can't keep resolutions either so I also have a one word...REMAIN. (JOHN 15:4) Thanks for sharing! Reply

    Kashoan: Lelia, I love your heart. Thanks for reading this blog post.. Thank you for being a good friend. Reply

Jenni DeWitt: Kashoan, I just discovered your shop this month, and I love it! Your necklaces seem like the perfect way to stay focused on the word we pick this year. The word God has laid on my heart is joy, and I'm so excited to see what this year of joy has in store for me! Thanks for your post. I live a couple hours north of Lincoln, so we are practically neighbors in this great, big world. ; ) Take care! Jenni Reply

    Kashoan: Jenni, I love it that you're also from Nebraska. Joy is a beautiful word for 2015. Happy new year! Reply

Amy Bowman: Love this! My word for the year is 'Complete.' Because "He who started the work will be faithful to complete it in you!" You know I am a big fan of your work as I have several of your necklaces and charms. My daughters all have one each of yours and I'm always stealing theirs, too. :) Love you and love what you do!! Reply

Alisha B: My word for 2015 is CONSISTENCY :) I find that if I can be consistent with myself, my family, my life- it will be a brighter and happier place. Consistent with scripture study, prayer, family time, my parenting, couple time- my life will flow and blessings will come with the most important aspects of my life. Reply

norma: I tend to stress out easily then respond to others out of this stress. Gentleness is my word. I need to respond with gentleness not just to others but to myself. Reply

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