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| written by Andy | 1 comments

Recovery to me means that we have overcome a personal challenge.

Recovery is a form of healing. Our own challenge could be anything at all that really tested us.


Recovery means that we have been tested through difficult times.

It is only through adversity that we become stronger. No one gets to grow when times are good. It is easy to coast along through life when all is going our way. When troubles hit us in the face, it is then we learn and grow. It matters not if our troubles are from financial strain, relationship problems, or work. Whatever the trouble is, if it is great enough to cause us acute pain and suffering, we can recover from it and be better. Recovery means healing from physical problems, mental stumbling blocks, and emotional distress. Our trauma and our past can get the better of us, but only if we let it. We can face any challenges that come our way with the right frame of mind and the right support.

For those with addiction issues, recovery means recognizing the problem for what it is and being willing to change your life. It means you no longer have to settle for what is unacceptable.

Recovery is a positive step in the right direction. It signifies that we are willing to change for the better. Recovery means we may still have problems, but we are facing them as they come. Addiction can rip a person’s soul right out of them. It can destroy their relationships with family, friends, spouses, and anyone who matters. It can leave a person feeling like they have no value and that life is meaningless. When a person is in recovery from an addiction, they become stronger.

What does recovery mean to you? Do you have your own personal story to share?

I would love to hear any success stories from when you have overcome a challenge of your own. If you have mental health or addiction stories, I am especially interested in hearing them, as that is my area of expertise. If you enjoy this post, also please visit my blog and check out my other addiction and mental health-themed articles.

Andy is a marketing blogger for Step One Rehab. The goal of Step One Rehab is to match premium addiction treatment facilities with the needs of clients. Andy writes daily articles about addiction or mental health issues for Step One's blog. To learn more, visit their website or check them out on Facebook, or Twitter.