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Rearview Mirror: 2012 in Review

| written by Alece Ronzino | 8 comments

As the year is coming to an end, it’s a good time to look in the rearview mirror.

Pause and process through your year and how your One Word impacted it. The point of One Word 365 is intentionality—before moving on to a new word for a new year, let’s be intentional to examine the road we’ve been on.

So go ahead and write a post about your One Word journey this year:

How has your word taken shape and how has it shaped you?

Does it mean something different to you now than you thought it would?

How has it steered your decisions, plans, and actions?

What challenges and victories have you experienced?

Then come back and link up your post so we can all engage in the process together. Let’s rally around each other in this amazing community as we seek to end this year strong.


(Use the permalink to your One Word 365 update post, NOT your home page.)

After pioneering a nonprofit in South Africa for 13 years, Alece Ronzino now lives in Nashville, TN. She’s a vacation rental management firm owner, freelance copywriter/editor, and the founder of One Word 365. More importantly, she dances in the car, talks with her hands, and makes a mean guacamole. Follow Alece on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her blog, Grit and Glory.