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The Power of Wearing One Word

| written by A Gilded Line | 7 comments

We believe in the power of one word.
Or a few. Worn on the wrist, specifically.


So much so that after wearing a hand-stamped bracelet for over a year, the phrase was then tattooed on the wrist of A Gilded Line’s founder, Allie Pust. We’re pretty sure that not every One Word will end up as a tattoo on the body of the one that selected it…heh…but we do know how that one phrase…three little words actually…effectively changed her life as she recounted the significance to others every time they would ask.

See there’s power in seeing a word.
A visible reminder.
Right on your wrist.


Your people will ask about it.
And you’ll have a starting point to share your heart and reason behind your word.

A Gilded Line wants to enable you to be generous…as you help people understand your word, and hopefully it will positively impact them too.

For the month of January 2016…on this specific listing only (in aluminum only)…if you purchase a “One Word” bracelet, we will give you an identical one for free.
For you to share with that one person that you talk with.

Wear your bracelet. Start a conversation. Take it off and give it away. We guarantee you’ll remember it forever. So will your person.

Generosity, folks. There’s nothing like it.
There’s a reason you picked your word. 
Wear One Word. Share your reason. Tangibly.

We’re thrilled to help you on your One Word mission this year!

A Gilded Line was created as an attempt to help Allie's 5th grade daughter raise funds for a big field trip at school one year. It was wildly successful in not only raising funds, but also in teaching her daughter about entrepreneurship, budgeting, and customer satisfaction. A Gilded Line believes in the power of words to affect people positively, and wearing words, phrases, lines, dates, names…brings memories associated to mind in a powerful way. A Gilded Line is a family run business, just as it began, with huge hopes and dreams for the future! Visit their website and like them on Facebook.


Dawn Paoletta (@breathoffaith): Wow, awesome. I have last year's word as a necklace, but would LOVE to have a bracelet - which I can actually see- for the year's word! And one to give away is a great idea to share as God leads! Very generous! Reply

    Allie Pust: Thank you Dawn! I love seeing shock and joy on faces when I take off a bracelet and give it away. I hope all of those ordering will love doing the same!! =) Reply

Lita Burnett: Love my bracelets! Fast service! Exactly as described! Highly recommend!!!! Thank you! LB Reply

    Allie Pust: Thank you!!! So glad you're pleased with your bracelets! Reply

Katie Terpstra: Just came across this post! Love your product! Any chance this offer is still available? (it's 2/11/16 :) ) Reply

    Allie Pust: Sure girl! Just leave a message Mentioning these comments when you order! Reply

      Katie: Hi Allie! Thanks for your response! I did just place an order for myself and some friends but don't worry about sending an extra bracelet...your bracelets are already quite the deal at $10 each! Thank you for what you do...can't wait to receive my order! Reply

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