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One Word Prints (plus a coupon code!)

| written by Alissa Smith | 0 comments

This is the fourth year in a row that I have chosen a word for the year.

Last year my word was FEARLESS. And that word and attitude saw me through one of the most daring and difficult years of my life. I rebranded my small business. My husband and I and our two small kids moved across the country from Denver, Colorado to Columbus, Ohio. I spent the last few weeks of my grandmother’s life at her side and even though it was uncomfortable and scary and new, I chose to be fearless and present through it.

My word this year is SLOW.

3 framed

I know that’s not a very exciting or interesting word, but I really want to slow down this year and focus. I want more nights in and less nights out. I want more homecooked meals and less takeout. I want to spend afternoons on the floor surrounded by legos. I want whole weekends with nothing on the to do list.

At the end of 2012 (my first year choosing a word) I found myself kind of disappointed. I hadn’t thought of my word for the year very much, and I hadn’t seen it impact my life. So in 2013 I made myself a simple print of my One Word and hung it above my dresser. Every day I looked at it while I was getting ready and the consistent reminder was so helpful and encouraging. Reading my word every day helped me be really intentional. 

2 framed

Since then I have offered One Word prints in my print shop, Noble & Grey, each January for anyone else who might need a little reminder or encouragement. And this year I also have calendars featuring your One Word.

The (fully customizable!) prints & calendars are only available until the end of January, so please head on over to the shop and choose one to make your One Word a daily part of your life.

(And be sure to use the coupon code ONEWORD365 at checkout for FREE SHIPPING!)

Alissa Smith is the designer and founder of Noble & Grey print shop, making fully custom prints celebrating modern families. After an 8 year long honeymoon in Denver, CO she and her husband and two sons recently relocated to Columbus, OH and are thrilled to be in the heart of the heart of it all. Connect with Alissa on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.