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On Choosing a Word

| written by Cynthia Schrage | 26 comments


A couple people have asked me what process I use to determine {my} word. I think I can safely say that it’s not so much a series of easy steps as it is a time of reflection.

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If you’ve already chosen your word, what other tips can you share
for those who are still searching for theirs? 

Cynthia Schrage: Reader. Knitter. Writer. Pianist. Seamstress. Humorist. Photographer. Editor. Gardener. Baker. Theologian. Unashamed. Not necessarily in that order. Ever. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and my blog.


Sharon R Hoover: I first did a "one-word" choice last year! It was "sent". I kept my word before me throughout the year reminding me to emerge and be present with and for others. For 2014, I am choosing "courage"...some bold decisions await. I will prayerfully and boldly lean into them. Reply

    pioneercynthia: Both of those are fantastic. I would never have considered "sent," but your rationale is very thought-provoking. I like it. Again, it's not necessarily the word itself, but how it affects you that is important. Reply

terry: My word is eleemosynary Reply

MamaMarcie: I'm struggling between "connect" (with God, my husband, my daughters...) and "vision" (where are we going, what do we want to be, to do, where to live, etc). Both are powerful and meaningful to me, and both would create growth... Reply

    pioneercynthia: This is where the actual work starts. I had narrowed down to several words, myself. Then, when I'd almost given up, I discovered a word that was completely different! If they really both speak profoundly to you, you might have to just flip a coin! There are, ultimately, no wrong answers. Reply

    Alece Ronzino: Did you land on one, Marcie? I love both your words... Kind of intrigued to hear where you landed. I feel like they're connected to each other in so many ways... Vision leads to connection in specific and strategic ways, and at the same time, strong connections (with God and others) fuels vision in a unique way too. Love it! Reply

Denise: I wanted a unique word, but one that would have meaning in different areas of my life. My word is Blossom. I would like to blossom personally, in my faith, in my business, in my marriage, and in life. Reply

    Alece Ronzino: I love your word, Denise! There is so much beauty and promise and potential backed into it. The mental image of "blossom" taking place in your life this year is incredible! Here's to your year of blossoming! I have a feeling it's going to unfold in surprising ways. Reply

Pam Thompson: I've chosen "generosity". I work as a Development Director in the non-profit sector and I'm dependent on the generosity of others. I want to focus now on my own generosity, being generous with my time, my talents and my resources. I border on introversion, so this will be a genuine stretch. Reply

    pioneercynthia: I think you've nailed it here, Pam. This is how the One Word concept can prove so USEFUL. By using your one word, you can make all sorts of life-stretching choices that will propel you forward into becoming the best version of yourself. Reply

    Tracee Persiko: Love this! We all need to give what we are hoping for first. Love that this is something you are already passionate about! Hoping you find yourself on the receiving end of abundant generosity in small and big ways! Reply

Jessie: I suffer from anxiety in addition to having a limited ability to control my temper. I find myself jumping from one emotion to the next. I googled the antonym for "anxious" to help discover my One Word for 2014. I have decided on, "Pacific," to encourage myself to be more at peace in social situations, to react calmly to something (or someone) stressful and have a more tranquil attitude, daily. Here goes nothing.. Reply

    Tiffany: Love your choice. Reply

    pioneercynthia: This is a really good way to choose a word! In thinking of something we're not satisfied with, we can choose the opposite. Great idea! Reply

Joy: I was thinking about "Glass". I have some depression and anxiety, and I was thinking that glass is strong and clear like I want to be, and water like glass is a great mental image to focus on when negative thoughts overwhelm me. Plus it just has a nice ring to it. Are nouns allowed, lol? Reply

Caleb: Thanks for the help! My wife and I choose a word together -humility! Reply

Barb: I've chosen " Secure". For me it means being confident, safe and protected ; knowing I am secure within myself as a 64 year young woman and being comfortable in my own skin; being secure and protected in a new, smaller home where I'll live the rest of my life , having a new love enter my life and being secure in loving and being loved; in being financially secure-- having all the money I need to live this life the way I want and to be able to help others. Reply

Leny Cato: Hi I just read about one word in a FB comment of a friend. Can anyone join in? I am pulled by Psalm 91..... those who dwell in the shelter of the most high......the word dwell......remain..live....abide.........stands out for me......I guess because it is so easy to move on....ie away from God....I begin with good intentions and then life happens..... After a year of passive faith, being carried by friends in prayers through Hodgkins Lymphoma, and fighting through health issues I think I yearn to dwell in the shelter....God's secret place Anyway I think I go for live....... Thanks!!! Reply

    Alece Ronzino: Absolutely! Anyone can join -- we'd love to have you on this journey with us. Prayers for you as you dwell in Him this year! Reply

      Leny Cato: I guess my word really is about the gift of healing I received last year....I had Hodgkins Lymphoma and after chemo I am in remission....so I have been given Life.....I guess God is wanting me to live that live in a closer relationship with him than before....so I am glad to have discovered oneword....:):) Reply

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