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Lessons from Littles

| written by Brittany Hurst | 8 comments


I love kids. Always have.  I’m the oldest of 4 and have done my fair share of babysitting over the years. I think we can learn a lot from the little ones. 

I always wonder when we start to lose our childlike joy, belief, passion and realness. What do ya think? Maybe not all of us lose it completely but at some stage, it seems that reality begins to slowly wear us down. I reckon it isn’t the way it needs to be, though. 

Sure, we need to grow up. That’s not what I’m saying. Growing up is good; maturing is good; and learning is also good. But does it need to come at the cost of our dreams and passion or at the cost of being genuine and our real selves?

Kids say (or scream or cry) what they are feeling. What if grownups were more honest with themselves and others, even if it’s ugly? I’m talking about being real, about not manipulating but being honest with why you are upset, disappointed, sad, or whatever. I’m talking about not saying “I don’t care”, if really you do, and not tiptoeing around the truth because of fear of offending or someone disagreeing. Obviously, there is wisdom and having a filter is a good thing but I’m hoping you are catching my drift.

Kids laugh (or scream or cry) at the littlest things. What if grownups celebrated the small things in life more and “stopped to smell the roses” Life’s always going to be “too busy”, so what if we stopped waiting until the day we have more time? I have a hunch the little things are actually the refreshing things that we need.

Lastly, kids love quickly. Here’s a brief interaction I witnessed the other day:

Two little sisters were “sitting” and “eating” their food (not really, they were turned around observing their surroundings and extremely distracted☺) and while all this was going on, the little girl a few tables down caught their attention.

So they talked to her. Simple. From across the table, they began to wave and smile and were friendly with each other. They just started chatting!

The little girl turns to her mom and excitedly says something along the lines of, “Mom! I made new friends!”

That’s all it took. 30 seconds of friendliness and they all found some new friends. Now there was no plan to keep in touch or anything of the sort, but for that moment, they all found some new friends. It was a moment full of connection, joy and relationship. 

What if instead of being too busy and occupied with our own lives and worries, we started to see those around us more deliberately?

What if we chose to actually say what we mean, to notice the small things and to be friendly to strangers… ‘cause who knows how many new friends we can make, even if it’s just for the moment.

Brittany Hurst hails from Amish County, PA but isn’t too sure how long she will call this home. She’s currently a full-time Nanny and online Bible student. She’s a big fan of journals, books, country music, nail polish, bracelets, kids, and different cultures. Read her blog Everyday Dreamer or follow her Instagrams.