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| written by Kim Penix | 8 comments

“We all have our tales but don’t you want to find a way to finish the story? Let it all go and have a life that isn’t dictated by a past?”  

I sat in a dark theater watching pieces of history retold on the silver screen: Saving Mr. Banks.  As Tom Hanks portrays Walt Disney he asks those two questions of P. L. Travers; the author of Mary Poppins.  

I couldn’t get those questions out of my head, as if he asked them of me. Yes, I have a story, and so do you.  

So often I feel we allow the chapters of our life to unfold based on our past. The problem with the past dictating our present and our future is that it leaves little room for change and no room for growth.  

You can’t quickly or easily change the course of a massive cruise ship as it sails through the ocean. The same is true for the course of your life; it is neither easy nor quick to change. It takes work. It takes looking ahead at a new destination. Charting a course and then taking the first step in a new direction. 


The first step is the hardest. You’ve decided to leave the comfort of what you’ve known and embark on a new journey. You can see the destination off in the distance and it’s far better than the destination your path has been taking you so far. But you have to turn and position yourself so you’re facing the new destination and then you must take that first step. Once you’ve taken that first step in the new direction and claim it as your own it becomes easier to take a second step. 

So how do you take that first step to the life you desire, the life God has for you? You give it a name. It’s already there, tucked down deep in your heart. You’ve longed for it even though you’ve never known its name. You’ve looked at that path a time or two but just didn’t have the courage to turn and place your foot on the first step of this new path.

My first step is named purposeYours may be generosity, power, joy, surrender, simplicity. It’s your step. You get to name it.  

Don’t rush to find a name. Take some time to pray and see what direction the Lord wants you to go. Trust me, when you ask Him to show you the path He wants you to take He’ll show you that first step. When you’re willing to step out in faith and live the full life He has for you amazing things can happen. Pray and then rest in the quiet and ask Him to open your heart. You’ll see the first step and its name engraved right on the top: one word.  

It’s the simplicity of one word that gives a life changing focus and puts you on the path to a greater destination.

While I always encourage goals for each area of your life, they take time to develop. But having your one word as your focus will keep any other goals directly in line with the route you’re taking for your new destination. 

You can do this. I know you can. Look down the path you’re currently on. Now turn yourself slightly to look at the new direction: God’s best for you. Do you see it? Forget about the past and where you’ve been. There were lessons to be learned back there but you’re off those steps now. Look ahead and not back. Now pray for that first step.  

Look down and see the word. What’s its name?

I’d love to hear what your focus will be for 2014! Go ahead and share it with us. Also, jump over to the main page and join the community with your word if you haven’t already. You can find a whole community of people who have decided to take the same first step as you! There is strength and support in a community of like-minded people!

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Kim Penix is a Christ-follower, Bible study facilitator, wife, mother, and very young grandma! ;)  Working in the financial industry since she was 15; Kim stepped away from her career to focus on her health and her family.  You can find her at her blog where she loves helping people live intentional, purposeful lives for the Lord!  


Sundi Jo (@sundijo): Great post. Love this part: "So often I feel we allow the chapters of our life to unfold based on our past. The problem with the past dictating our present and our future is that it leaves little room for change and no room for growth." Reply

www.alifewellpenned.com: Thanks Sundi Jo, I lost quite a bit of time stuck in the past. Each day God gives us is a gift and a fresh opportunity to head in a different direction! Reply

sharybary: I live the part about turn slightly and look in a new direction. I named my path for this year Transformation. Great message here! Reply

www.alifewellpenned.com: Transformation is a great word to focus on - stating the process of making a change with your focus on a new direction. Awesome, thanks for reading! Reply

annepeterson: I thought this was great. Loved the quote you started with. Reply

    www.alifewellpenned.com: Thanks Anne - I scribbled it on an envelope in my purse during the movie. It really resonated with me. Reply

Christa Sterken (@Csterken): You inspired me to remember what God inspired me to be this year, thank you! Reply

    www.alifewellpenned.com: Thanks Christa - it's always my prayer that my writing can inspire us to be our best for the Lord! Reply

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