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Humility: Jenni Catron

| written by Alece Ronzino | 9 comments

Wow, this word has been a journey! I chose humility as my One Word for 2011.  I figured I wouldn’t finish the year in complete control of this word… if I believed that I had… well that would be a problem.

I chose humility because I wanted humility to be something that is at the front of my mind all the time.

I wanted to be aware of moments where I was anything but humble so that I could be more aware of how frequently pride consumes me.  (That was painful!)

I wanted to observe humility in action through others.  (This was inspiring!)

But what I found was conflicting.  The emotions were extreme.  There were things that were embarrassingly humbling and then others where I was humbled by feeling too honored.

Humility is a funny thing.  I’m glad for the journey of this year and yet I don’t feel any closer to being the humble person I I hope to be.

The journey continues…

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After pioneering a nonprofit in South Africa for 13 years, Alece Ronzino now lives in Nashville, TN. She’s a vacation rental management firm owner, freelance copywriter/editor, and the founder of One Word 365. More importantly, she dances in the car, talks with her hands, and makes a mean guacamole. Follow Alece on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her blog, Grit and Glory.