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Growing Pains

| written by Alece Ronzino | 26 comments

no blog needed

OneWord365 is going on its 6th year running (Happy Birthday to us!), so it was time to make some changes around here. Thus, our amazing new website (thanks to the incredible work of Cross & Crown!) and the tools that allow you to find others who’ve chosen the same word as you or who live in your area. (Seriously. Have you checked out the Find Your Tribe page? It blows my mind.

And now it’s time for one more change.

We want this journey to be accessible to as many people as possible, not to gain numbers but because we believe strongly in the value of intentional living in the context of community. Being able to journey together with others all year is, in my opinion, one of the best things about OneWord365.

So, in an effort to make that easier for people, you no longer need to have a blog in order to join. 

:: Cue loud cheering :: 

If you are a blogger, I still hope you will take time to write about the word you’ve chosen—not just now, but throughout the year. Same for those of you who use Facebook—being intentional to unpack your OneWord365 in a status update will make it more real (and will invite others into the process with you). There is so much power in saying our words out loud. 

But if you don’t want to write about it anywhere, that’s okay. Still join. Because the point of all this isn’t to gain blog followers or Facebook likes. It’s to determine right now who you are going to be this year. It’s about committing to live with purpose every single day. And you don’t need to write your word publicly in order to do that. 

I’d still encourage you to tell someone what your OneWord365 is and why you chose it. Even if it’s only your spouse, your family, or your closest friends. Don’t miss the value that comes in sharing honestly with those you care about (and who care about you). Growth is multiplied within the context of safe and trusting community. 

I know there were a lot of people who couldn’t sign up because they didn’t have a blog link to include. I want to get the word out there that we’ve made this significant change so that all of them know they can come back and join! Will you help me spread the word by sharing this on your social media streams? 

You guys are amazing, and I feel so honored to be on this journey with you. Thank you!

After pioneering a nonprofit in South Africa for 13 years, Alece Ronzino now lives in Nashville, TN. She’s a nonprofit communications strategist, freelance copywriter/editor, and the founder of One Word 365. More importantly, she dances in the car, talks with her hands, and makes a mean guacamole. She blogs occasionally but candidly about searching for God in the question marks of life and faith. Follow Alece on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her blog, Grit and Glory.


lindamarielofton: I started a blog so I could join, but my name doesn't appear in orange, so I'm guessing people can't click and go to my blog? I'm a bit confused... Reply

    Alece Ronzino: When you comment, you'll have to enter your blog address again so that it shows up in the comment section -- that functions separately from the sign-up portion. Sorry about that! Reply

      lindamarielofton: Alice, I don't see a place to enter my blog, so I guess I'll put the address in this message and see what happens... The blog address is from Blogger, but I could as easily put it on Wordpress if that would make a difference. http://wordstointerpretlife.blogspot.com/ Reply

        Alece Ronzino: Under the box where you type your comment, does it say "Change" or "Logout"? Try that and then you will have the option to add in your name and blog address again. (It doesn't matter if it's Blogger or Wordpress)

        Linda Lofton: Here goes...

        lindamarielofton: Didn't work the way I tried it.

        lindamarielofton: Now people are being directed to gravitar... I'm so confused!! LOL

        Alece Ronzino: Hahaha! Hmmm... try logging out again. in the form, when you start over to comment there should be 3 fields: name, email, website. is that what you see? in the website field, be sure to type in your blog website address...

        lindamarielofton: Maybe this will get it???

        Alece Ronzino: Ding ding ding! We have a winner!!! ;)

        lindamarielofton: Success!! Thanks for your patience!

Niki Gee: I had to enter something into the line marked for the blog to join. I didn't have a blog so I just enter my radio station website. I'm now producing a blog and I'll change it. But I think you still needed to have a blog to join the site. Reply

A.J. Coulter: Great move! I know several people who have joined from afar because of the blog issue. I hope they take the time to sign up. I'm a believer. Reply

Crystal: Woohoo! Off to go share :) Reply

Alison Lam (@AlisonJoyful): I had no idea how simple it was to join, and then find your tribe with others who share the same word. how cool! i will definitely tell my group of friends who are all doing this, to join in too! i'm very encouraged and this is motivating me to write a post about it :) Reply

    Alece Ronzino: That's what this is all about!!!! I love it!! Your comment just made my whole day! Glad you're here, Alison! Reply

jeanlauzier: Shared. I love the idea behind "One Word" - now off to "Strive" with my writing. :-) Reply

Susan Sullivan: This is awesome!! I am a National Executive Director for a party plan co. and just encouraged my directors to choose a WORD for 2014. Then, one of my directors (Vanessa who know you Alece.) actually told me about this site. What a wonderful and positive idea to reach people all over the world!! My word for 2014 is Intention which I see is the word you started with....gave me chills!!! I will be sharing this site with my team! Thank you Alece!! Reply

    Alece Ronzino: I love hearing that you engaged your directors to choose a word for the year!! (And such a small world with our Vanessa-connection!!) Thank you for your encouraging words, Susan! Reply

Melissa: I have told two people recently that my word was grace. Actually I "confessed" my word was grace. I have been back to work after the Christmas holiday for two days and it only took 48 hours to "lose" grace. But the process of examining my heart and how to reconstruct my conversations.... makes this "resolution" the only one I have ever reflected on everyday... It's easy and hard at the same time. Easy to "see" where I have fallen from grace - hard to proactively live grace... I am praying for the OneWord365 Teams - peace be with you all. Reply

    Alece Ronzino: "easy and hard at the same time" -- YES. that's exactly it. it's simple -- but it's definitely difficult. thinking of you as you actively extend grace today, Melissa -- and that includes extending it to yourself! Reply

    lindamarielofton: Melissa, I totally understand where you're coming from as I seem to "mess up" a lot. But it's easier for me when I remember that God's grace is constant -- that we can never escape the grace of God. Galatians 5 speaks of "falling from grace", but it only speaks of when we quit trusting and try to rely on "the law". Of course, we are not always gracious -- which is what I think you are talking about -- but that is an area that God helps us to grow in each day. We may not always attain being gracious all the time -- but I'm betting you're going to get better every day this year!! Thanks for sharing. You have encouraged me!! Reply

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