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Get Unstuck This Year

| written by Tracee Persiko | 3 comments


What a gift it is to start new. New is refreshing. Change is good. 

By this point, I hope you have settled on a word for the year! With choosing a word comes the weight of what that word means to you. I hope that you see this word work its way through every area of your life this year. I hope this community will serve as a place where you will feel empowered and challenged. 

We all need help. We all need people.

I am a huge fan and proponent of counselors, mentors, and life coaches. Over the course of my life, I have been the recipient of all three of those. I have also worn the hat of each of those roles. I have found that there is nothing more life-giving for me then when I am helping others wrestle through the reality of life’s challenges.

I love empowering people to figure out the puzzle pieces of their own hearts. Our challenges and question marks matter. Our restlessness is motivating and directionally based. Our hurts and pain are real. They matter. You matter!

Last year I launched my new endeavor of Life Coaching. For the past decade, I have been working in the counseling field. (I have my Master’s in Professional Counseling.) I am really excited for this new season of Coaching. I always say that my dream job would be sitting at Starbucks all day long, meeting with different people. So let’s do this! 

Some of you may be wondering what Life Coaching is all about. Let’s be honest, we all have places we feel stuck in life. Everyone is unique in their own process. No two challenges are the same. Coaching is in place to help you get unstuck—to empower you with wisdom and understanding about how to move forward. You might be wrestling with turning your dreams into reality, shifting careers, navigating relational conflicts, developing boundaries, or relearning healthy life habits. Coaching can benefit all areas of life.

So here are my questions for you…

Are you frustrated with dealing with the same issues all the time? Are you bored and restless? Do you know what you are passionate about? Are you doing those things? Do you find yourself daydreaming about doing something other than your current career? 

We are all created with unique personalities and giftings. I really want to help you figure out what it means to be the best you—the you you were created to be—as you wrestle with your word this year. 

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What is one area of your life where you’d
like to see some changes this year?

Tracee Persiko is a Cross-Cultural Consultant for nonprofits and churches, Life Coach, Speaker, and Co-author of Inciting Incidents. She cares deeply about the hearts and stories of other people. When it comes to life, she lives it differently. Find her on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.