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Create with Remarkable

| written by Jordan Mercedes | 4 comments

Before opening my eyes on the first day of the year my one word abruptly arrived in my life. I wasn’t looking for it and had even forgotten that I’d chosen one word from last year. While I had forgotten, I am confident that the delivery system of heaven did not forget.

It dispatched angels or hosts or heavenly beings to deliver my one word and leave me to wrestle with it.

No explanation, no vision, no deep insight-just one word:




I whispered as if to say a prayer, remarkable? What do I do with this word?

Is it a promise or a calling?

Is it an ingredient that I mix with others to get a new message to share?

Is it a new coaching program or speaker topic? Is it a one word prophecy or a one word symphony? My spirit searched.

When a word arrives unexpected, on the first day of the year in the first moments of day light it must mean something.

It is now day three into the new year and I’m still asking the question: How do I embrace this word? Where do I put it? Does it belong on a shelf like a decoration or is it a declaration?

Through the questioning I hear:

Create with it.

Create with it.

Create with it.

“Remember words create worlds.”

I’d heard Pastor Kris Valloton say that so many times in his messages. Now, it is as if I can hear him say it again only this time the voice is telling me to create a world with the word remarkable.

In my curiosity, and I must admit, in my search for a deeper understanding of what the word means, I looked it up.

Remarkable: re-mark-a-ble
Worthy of attention; striking.

Extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvelous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal, outstanding, momentous, out of the ordinary, unusual, uncommon, surprising.

Fantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, awesome


Create with a word that’s so big and confident and beautiful? I can’t help but feel slightly intimidated and (secretly) exhilarated.

REMARKABLE. I’ve been selected, chosen, interrupted on the behalf of one word: REMARKABLE.

What wondrous thing will I first create? What would you create first? My mind goes to my heroes who have created remarkable things like programs for the poor and beautiful works of art and it goes to those who have created remarkable businesses and remarkable marriages.

I’m excited! The Creator has asked me to create. I say those words again: the Creator has asked me to create; only this time with reverent reflection…the Creator has asked me to create.

Quietness covers my excitement. Like a fragrance, I smell the word Remarkable. It is soft like a powder and strong like a rock. It sounds like the waves of the ocean crashing in and out. It is lucid, it is free. At once I know that whatever I create must be free, refreshing, fragrant and strong. It must be life-giving and phenomenal and marvelous and stunning.

I begin to weep. I think I’ve been tricked. This sudden word-gift has tapped into my longing and is breaking me open. It is answering my questions; yes it is a message, yes it is art, yes it is a coaching program, it is a perspective that is challenging me to create all things through its filter. This is a holy invitation to live life from the perspective of the REMARKABLE. I believe in the remarkable, and I call out to the remarkable in others.

Who would have thought that a word would be the compass for the path in front of me?

The past has delivered wisdom through the lessons I’ve learned, and the future…? Well, the future is a REMARKABLE creation still unfolding.

I’m curious, what would you create with the word REMARKABLE?

Jordan Mercedes describes herself as an unashamed positive force in the world. After all, she says, “joy is a heart and mind set.” She helps people love the work they do and companies love their people. She is an author, coach, speaker and owner at RePurpose Work. She’s happiest when she’s teaching the Confidence Course, watching the sun rise, pondering 10,000 ways that God is good and being with the Remarkables (i.e. people she loves). You can follow Jordan on Facebook and at her blog.