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Change, Growing up, and a Letter to my Kid-Self

| written by Brittany Hurst | 1 comments

I remember being ten years old and with all that was in me… I did not want to grow up. Being ten was fine, thank you very much, and for a reason I can’t recall, I just didn’t want life to change.

I went through a good chunk of time with the plan to be a professional soccer player. I’m not sure when I woke to reality and realized that was most likely not going to be my future.

Post-graduation, I took off to Australia to do a missions training school. Eighteen years young with hope and fear in my heart, I left the comforts of my hometown and dreamt of what I would find Down Under and how God would grow and mold me.

While still today I desire to grow and develop and change, I’ve again found myself to be in a period of kind of wishing I could jump back to the past. I think it’s the “normal – growing up – early twenties – wannabe adult – but ah, maybe not” season. 

Maybe I’d just go for a quick past-trip.                                 

If I could go back in time, I would tell little Brittany that she had an incredible way of processing life and a maturity beyond her years but that it was okay to let loose and be a kid too. I would tell her that although life will most likely look different than she expected, it would be good and God would show her how faithful He is. I would tell her to dream and hope and never, ever try to be anyone other than herself. I’d tell her to quit doubting herself.

I’d remind her that she has a ‘fire in her belly’ and a fighter within her and to not forget that in times of struggling. I’d remind her that no matter what anyone else would say or what their actions would elude to, that she was indeed valued and loved by many and, firstly, by her Father. I’d remind her that her words and actions also affect those around her and she has power to love and leave people at ease. 

And lastly, I would say…. Go for it. Trust God and go for it.

What about you?
What would you tell your younger self?

Brittany Hurst hails from Amish County, PA but isn’t too sure how long she will call this home. She’s currently a full-time Nanny and online Bible student. She’s a big fan of journals, books, country music, nail polish, bracelets, kids, and different cultures. Read her blog Everyday Dreamer or follow her Instagrams.