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Begin With the End in Mind: Making a Splash with Your Word of the Year

| written by SherriOhler



I’m entering Twenty Sixteen in rain boots and a mini skirt. Come storm or shine I have made a decision to make a splash for the better. To march into the new year with the determination of a child on a mission to play through nap time. I’m beginning with a happy dance and an even happier ending in mind, and my word proves that. It is a prophetic declaration between me & Jesus and the dreams it has already inspired are palpable!

“Oh My Word!”

After about a week and a half of praying for the Lord to whisper my word to my heart He all but shouted it yesterday as I walked Office Max looking for bubble wrap of all things. The smile that took over my face & heart when He did I’m sure left the people around me wondering what my secret for joy was!  My word is FRUITION and the scripture that Jesus gave me to anchor my year on is 2 Thessalonians 1:11, …that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.

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The End

Beginning with the end in mind isn’t so much about goal setting, it’s more like painting a picture of what your year will look like from the end backwards. Try it. Close your eyes and envision yourself looking back on your 2016, what do you see? What one word sums up your year? I see HUGE dreams finally coming to fruition for me and my husband. (More about that on the blog coming soon!) Years of praying our desires for goodness & deeds of faith to bear fruit are being answered. I see us working together to build a place where people from all over come to gather in love for celebration & rest. I see a life filled with Jesus miracles & ministry of freedom for others. I see the impossible happening before my eyes and God getting all the glory.

Go ahead and paint your own picture and then make a prophetic declaration for your 2016 by sharing your One Word and its story in a comment!

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Hi, I’m Sherri! I have a deep passion and hunger for the things of the Lord and tend to move in the prophetic as the Lord speaks to me often in dreams & visions. (Which I believe is for every believer!) I encourage the saints of the end times army, that’s YOU, to stand and fight with their identity & authority in Christ in order to experience freedom in their own lives as well as to help set other captives free. I also share the 39 Baker Drive shop with my incredible husband, Randy. The Lord is expanding it into the most amazing vision in 2016! Sign up for the newsletter at sherriohler.com to stay in the know and be a part of the excitement! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram too.