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{A Giveaway} Scrabble Inspiration for Every Single Day

| written by Cathy Baker | 123 comments
So you’ve chosen your word. Your OneWord for 365 days. A word to inspire you and transform you. A word to grow you and guide you in your days ahead.  
You, who are both brave and beautiful, I admire your desire to grab hold of all that your life can be.  
But let’s fast forward a few weeks from today.  When the excitement begins to wear off. When living out your OneWord meets a challenge.  When the routines of life cause you to ‘forget’ your OneWord. 
But I don’t want that for you. I want all the power your OneWord holds to inspire you every single day of this coming year. 
So, what if, when you awake, you were to see your OneWord sitting there beside your alarm clock? 
Maybe you would go to turn on the TV, and there next to the remote, your OneWord sat, reminding you of desires for that day, this year? 
What if after a stressful phone call at work, there sat your OneWord, giving you perspective? 
Perhaps after cleaning up the kitchen, your OneWord served as an opportunity for reflection of your day? 
Because I know the power words hold, I love upcycling scrabble tiles in my little etsy shop and creating decor which can encourage others on this life’s journey! 
I’d love to create a unique piece for your OneWord, for you to display throughout the year. Inspiration for every single day of the 365 you’re living this OneWord. And when the year comes to an end, it’s a special souvenir for you to hold on to. 
I’m also giving you the opportunity to win one of these. I’ll mail it to you, free of charge. Just leave a comment on where you’d like to display your OneWord, and you could be the winner of your very own upcycled scrabble word. (Giveaway ends 1/15 at 5:00 PM Central.)
Cathy Baker opened her Etsy shop, CelebratingTheMoment, just over two years ago. For something that happened 'on a whim', she's loved making it a successful business!  You can find her blogging about her two sweet middle-schoolers, her 'CSI guy' and her adventures in the Missouri Ozarks at Moments on the Journey. She also contributes articles to The Good Stuff Guide, a fun site for encouraging moms.


Tracy Culley: I would put my word on the fridge or on my bathroom mirror. Reply

Kristin Smith: I would put it on my desk at work. My word is Balance and I struggle to do this well between work and home! Reply

Mary-k: My word is AWARE. And I think I'd putbon my bathroom mirror AND my desk at work...because I need to be Aware of God's presence when I start my day, throughout the day, and as I end my day!! Reply

Shelley: My word is love, and I would put it by my mirror because I'm not just trying to love others, but get better at loving myself, too. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Awe. Why is it so hard to love ourselves sometimes!? I hope THIS is the year you are able to love the beautiful person God created you to be! Reply

      Shelley Moore: This is why I sort of forced myself to have 'love' as my word - because it's making me look at the good about myself rather than all the negative! :) Reply

Karen McGee: I would display my word - "healing" - prominently on my mantle. Love this idea! Reply

Wendy can Eyck: I'd put it on my bedside table so it's the first and last thought of the day. Reply

Jaynie: My word is hope, and it's hardest to hope at the end of a long day. I'd place it on my nightstand to dwell on when worry overwhelms. Reply

eil1een: I heart Scrabble! What a great idea. My One Word is "validate" and I would put in on the mantel above my fireplace Reply

Jaime: {Focus} Right smack dab in the middle of my desk, under my monitor! :) Reply

Helena Machado: What a great idea!! And a great way to use scrabble pieces!! LOL I would love to see my one word in the bathroom on the window sill. That way I would see it every morning when I shower and it would give me the power to 'energize" my day!! Engery being my word and all. Reply

Beth Terrence: Love this idea! I'd keep it on my altar to hold the energy of my word in my sacred space. Reply

mjaselle: My word this year is 'Intentional'. Id like to display it prominently on the shelf in my lounge - right where visitors can ask me about it and i can tell them all about my journey to make this word a reality in my life this year. Reply

Kelly: I would put it in the family room- where we spend most of our time! My word is #here. And right where I live, I need to be reminded to stay present here. Reply

Trezlen: My word this year is "healthy." I'd display my word in my office. it's the place where I spend the most time and the environment where I need to remind myself of this resolution. Reply

Liza Purdy: I'd like to put it in my kitchen. I am going to claim dominion over the things in my household...the routines, the "stuff," the calendar, so that I can have peace in my family and my home! Reply

Jon Stolpe: I'd put my word "FINISH" right on my desk in my office. Reply

Catherine: I would display my word on my computer desk where I spend a lot of my time. It happens to be in the lounge too so I would pass it numerous times a day and be reminded of my one word which is 'trust'. Reply

Bev: I would put my word "EMBRACE" on my computer desk - to encourage me to get up and embrace other things - to play more.. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Oh I LOVE your placement of your word and your word! My word is 'engage' this year - and I too, want to get off computer and engage more in life! :) Reply

Amy Young (@amyinbj): I love your desire to keep oneword going all year and not peter out :) -- I've got an idea along those lines, and more will be revealed. How cryptic, of me, I know :). I do hope I win, but even if I don't, you've inspired me creatively! Reply

Katie: I'd put it on my light blue desk - where I keep all my favorite inspiration pieces! Reply

Deanna: I would keep it by the computer where I spend a lot of time to remind me of my MISSION Reply

Alyssa: I would put it on my desk! It's where I spend most of my time anyways ;) Reply

Pam Matthews (@pambhm): It would go on my desk at work - THRIVE! Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Love your desire to thrive in all areas - especially at work! Also, love that you fight human trafficking (saw your profile pic). I am donating 14% of my sales in 2014 to a safe home in Ecuador for girls who have been rescued from trafficking. Reply

Michelle: Those are awesome and creative! I would place mine (desire) on the bookshelf beside the area where I've set up my books/journals for my reflection time. It would be a great reminder of my overarching hopes for 2014. Reply

Bekka: Oh, what a fantastic idea! I think I'd get the most use out of my One Word reminder if it were in the hall between my kitchen and entrance, right at the bottom of my stairs. It's a high traffic area. :) Reply

Maryanne: On my nightstand, so it's the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I get up to face the day. Reply

vernette: My word is MOVE and I will put it right next to my Keurig coffee maker. I use my coffee maker everyday and it actually has a place of honor in my tiny kitchen. I'd want my one word next to it so I see it as my start my day...every day. p.s. This is an awesome idea and gift Cathy. No matter who wins kudos to you for sharing your talents with the One Word community. Reply

Tessa Wattenberger: I would love to display my word Grateful on my parents work desk so they look at my word and remember that I'm trying to be more grateful and appreciating of everything they do for me. Reply

lisalaws: I would display my word- EMBRACE right in front of my computer at work, to remind me to embrace even the mundane parts of my day! Reply

Karen Davis: I would put it on my desk so I would be sure to see it every day. Reply

LuAnn Braley: My first thought was that I'd like it as a necklace. I know. I think my upcycled Scrabble signage would travel around my house each day. It would start off on the shelf in the bathroom, then go to my desk, into the kitchen prior to every meal...get the idea? Reply

Tim thurman: My word is "present". I have a shelf right above my desk / computer where it would sit. That would be awesome! Reply

Heather Bradford: My word is PRAYER and I would like to find a way see it whenever I am interacting with my teenage daughter. Can you make it into a necklace that I could make her wear all the time? She would have to wear it backwards though because it would be most helpful if I saw it whenever she was storming out of the room. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Glad you have a sense of humor! :) My daughter is turning 13 this summer, perhaps I should make another one for her to wear too!? :) I do sell necklaces/charms - but I'm not sure how straight they stay on the chain when there are several charms. I think a bead between them might help, but i haven't tried it yet. :) Reply

Rebecca: I'd put my word LISTEN in my kitchen as that's where I love to be. Reply

Celeste: My word is resilient. This is going to be a year of big changes for me and I know I will tackle them head-on and be successful. And I would put my word on the mirror above my dresser to see every morning as I get myself ready for the day. Reply

Kelly S: I would put my word--FRESH--in my kitchen to remind me to eat healthy and stay clutter-free. Reply

Jesi Steiber: The mantle. My word is stewardship. For all areas of my life. Reply

kam: I would display my word - Live - in my bedroom or office, depending upon where I am. Reply

Dennis Neville: Thanks so much. I would leave my word - Explore - on my front verandah where I start every day in prayer. Reply

Darby Wiggins: I chose the word brave because I finally did something brave recently: I listened to God when He told me to leave my job, my home, my family, my friends - my life for the past 10 years for His promise of something greater. And it is indeed greater than I could have dreamed for myself. I want to be brave and trust God's plan for me. I would put the word on my phone/computer screen so when others see it, I can share my story and encourage others to be brave and follow God. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Love your bravery in following God's heart for your life! If you need some encouragement, you might want to follow Lisa's blog: http://www.thecopperanchor.com/ - she defines bravery for me. 2 years ago she left everything behind -- jobs, family, church- and began anew, as God was calling her and her husband to do. Her story is amazing if you ever get to hear it. :) And her writing and photography is simply inspiring! Reply

Becky: My word is nourishment and I would keep it on my bedside table to re-centre me on my word before I got up to start my day. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Nourishment for the soul - great focus! great way to start your day! in this society that can so easy drain so much of us if we aren't intentional about nourishment, love your word. Reply

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm: Favor, as in God's favor...to remember the breath in my lungs...and beyond...belong to Him and is a gift to me. It's on my blog sidebar but would place the tiles on my computer desk. God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart. Reply

Melissa Spicer: This is a fantastic idea!! My word is growing. I would love to place it on my desk at work. I am a teacher and many times I forget to slow down and live my ONE WORD at work too!! Reply

Grace: My word would be Reignite. To Reignite my relationship with the Lord, my faith and favour from the Lord. Bless you! Would love to place it on my table where I do my quiet time! Reply

Laura: My word is "Focus". Ideally, I'd place my ScrabbleTM word on my desk, although my cat would probably try to knock it over, so I will have to think of something better. Reply

holydoodler: My word is "knit" and I would place it on the pulpit I preach from in church....people would be so curious...I might have to preach a sermon series on the word and its meaning for me....maybe accompanied by all kinds of knitting projects! Sounds like a great plan! I would like my word to be in braille letters and regular letters....similar to my own scrabble game letters. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): Knit - you have me intrigued! I love the dual meaning you have...knitting projects and knitting at a heart level too! Hope it inspires you this year in your personal life, and your life behind the pulpit! :) Reply

Erin Conley: I chose the word FOCUS for 2014, because I want to be 'more present' in each of the activities in which I participate. My children and husband and faith and myself all deserve a better, driven, and focused version of myself. I would love one of these scrabble tile displays to put in my 'intention space' where I begin my day. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): I love your word, focus and your desire to be more present in relationships. My word for this year is engage, and has similar meaning for me. I love that you have an 'intention space' to begin your day! Reply

Jen: My word is determined. To keep me on the right path I would display this on my countertop in the dining room. Its our go to place and we use it alot soI would see it several times a day Reply

Tanice Wilson: My word is FLOURISHING and since I started this challenge I've realized just how much of that I've actually done. Saying the word brings a smile to my face and I would love to see it daily on my night stand, right next to my Winnie the Pooh lamp. My lamp reminds me that I have nothing to be bothered by and the tileswill help me focus on growing as a child of God, keeping me thriving and helping me be better person by helping others to flourish!! I love this idea and will be visiting your etsy page!! THANK YOU!! Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): I love your heart and how your word is already transforming you!! Thank you for purchasing 'flourishing' from me - I put it in the mail today!! I hope it makes you smile and inspires you throughout the year! Reply

Vicki: I'd put my word HOLINESS on the table in the lounge where I would see it all the time. Reply

Suzie Fletcher: My word is balance and I would place it on dining room table, the place where we eat (a more balanced diet?) and where we spend the most time as a whole family unit (work life balance) in between my work commitments (which help to balance the finances!) it would be a timely reminder, morning, noon and night! Reply

Natalia McCarthy: I just joined oneword365 and I'm already loving y'all's posts! Reply

Laura Pedersen: I would display it on my night stand to see before bed and when I wake. Reply

Paula Kaye: I would display it right here next to my computer where I spend almost all of my free time. My word is Hope http://smidgensbitsandsnippets.blogspot.com/ Reply

Sheri Bennett: I would put my word "FOCUS" on the bookshelf where I always keep my keys. That way I will be reminded of my mantra as I leave my house AND as I enter into my home. In ministry, my life is full of distractions and I'm too easily pulled away from those areas where God wants me to grow and be refined. I just never seem to get back to meeting my own needs and goals. I have to learn to unplug, turn down, and turn off so that I can focus on HIS will, not mine...or the numerous others who vie for my attention. Reply

    CelebratingTheMoment (@ScrabbleEtsy): I admire your wisdom in stepping back and focusing on Him and focusing on your own heart and life as well! Being in ministry is rewarding and a blessing to many, but it can also be draining! I also love that you have one place to leave your keys coming and going -- I should find a place like that so I'm not always searching for them! :) Reply

teresa: My word is CONNECT, and I would display the word on my nightstand so that I would see it when I wake up and before bed. Reply

Paula: I think I would put it on my dresser, so I could see it each morning. My word is Adventure. Reply

Jemelene: On my kitchen window sill! My word is Reconciliation but I could be reminded with reconcile since that would fit! Reply

CelebratingTheMoment: And the WINNER IS... Katie (#20) -- I used random.org to generate a number, then counted down entries til I got to #20! Katie, email me @ [email protected] - and I will get your word in the mail! For everyone who did not win (and I've enjoyed reading all your comments -- and I've been trying to get through them to leave comments -- been having some computer issues, sorry!) I am offering 10% discount through Jan 31st with code ONEWORD365 -- Thanks again! Reply

Pam Boone: My word is mindful. I would put it on the table next to my bed to remind me of all the things I was mindful of today and thanking God for all of them! I would see it each morning when I woke, and it would remind of all I need to be be mindful of, my family, my friends, my emotions and ask God to help me each day Reply

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