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A Generation of Survivors

| written by Marna Marano | 8 comments


I want to think that the demographic of the readers of this wonderful blog is a large one, encompassing all ages. My perspective is one coming right out of growing up in the 1950s & 60s and how that shaped me as a woman in this walk on earth. I think I came from a generation of survivors. I see that in myself as well as most of the 60-something women I meet.

My life is a gift to be treated with respect and to value it enough to persevere and push through the roadblocks. I fell prey as many did in the economy bust of the past 5 years. At the age of 58 I lost my job and then my home and have been on a 2,800 mile trek to find my place again. With help of the Lord and friends that cared for my wellbeing I have found myself at home again. You can go home again if that’s where you belong and it may even be better than the first time around. 

For me it’s been all about surviving and coming through some fires with my head held high and always knowing the value I have. It has come from feeding myself with the right words and affirmations that I believe are divinely given to all of us. We just need to quiet our spirits down to be able to get the messages loud and clear.

I live with a strong faith that everything is meant for our good, even when it’s hard to accept it. I live by dwelling on the positive and rejecting anything that threatens my inner peace. I live with a wonderful sense of humor that has gotten me through some pretty dark places.

What are you living with today?

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